The studio behind the celebrated Ratchet & Clank, Sunset Overdrive and Resistance is on a roll as it has recently revealed its plan to push out a trio of virtual reality games within the year on the Oculus Rift, including The Unspoken, Edge of Nowhere and Feral Rites.

There's no denying that VR saw its rise this year. As such, a slew of companies have been racing to release quite a few VR apps and games, including Farlands.

Kotaku reports that Insomniac Games has been busy baking its trio of games poised to come out this year and make the most out of the Oculus Rift. 

"We're very much VR true believers," told Chad Dezern of Insomniac to Kotaku. "We're kind of all-in in working out a lot of mechanics and bringing everything we know about making games to VR. We're trying to marry the depth of games we've been making for years [and go] beyond the novelty factor."

The Unspoken 

Slated to be rolled out in 2016, The Unspoken is deemed a first-person action game that will feature spell-casting magician duels between players.

The VR game's setting is in Chicago and involves a so-called "urban magic fight club." This will make use of the Rift VR headset along with the upcoming Oculus Touch controllers, allowing gamers to cast many spells said to be unlockable using their hands.

It is worth mentioning that battles take place online in real-time.

Edge Of Nowhere 

Set to be released on June 6, the VR game was already unveiled last year. So probably, some people might already know a few interesting tidbits about Edge of Nowhere.

If third-person games are your thing, then this game will certainly satisfy your craving. While this is played via Oculus Rift, gamers use a standard game controller unlike The Unspoken that requires a Touch controller.

Kotaku describes the game as packed with plenty of climbing and a few combat set in a vivid natural environment.

The game is the studio's very first VR release this coming June.

Feral Rites 

This third-person action game is scheduled to come out in fall 2016. Cameron Christian, the game's lead designer, said this game involves melee combat along with backtracking and exploration.

It focuses on the character Kai, either a man or a woman depending on the gamer's choice, who transforms into a beast. Kai returns to their island home to take vengeance on the killing of the island's former chief, their father.

The announcement of these three forthcoming games are indeed a welcome treat and should open more ways for owners of the Oculus Rift to enjoy their VR headset.

The speedy growth of apps and games for VR also signifies that VR headsets are undoubtedly among the hottest, new things to snag in the market at this day and age.

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