Daisy Ridley will be back on the big screen with J.J. Abrams but they're both moving away from the Star Wars universe in new movie Kolma.

There's no word yet on which role Ridley will be portraying in the movie but Abrams is on board as producer. Kolma is based on All I've Got (Kol Ma She'Yesh Li), a 2003 Israeli movie by Keren Margalit.

Described as a cross between the 1991 fantasy romance flick Defending Your Life by Albert Brooks and a more mystical, loftier version of Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook, Kolma tells the story of a young couple who figure in an accident which leaves the man dead. After several decades, the woman is faced with the choice or reuniting in the afterlife with her long-lost love or returning to the fateful day that changed her life forever.

There is still room, however, for changes in the U.S. remake.

Alongside Abrams, Ram Bergman, David Lonner and Sherryl Clark will be producing. The latest version of the script was penned by Megan Holley. Other writers who have also contributed to the project include Sarah Polley, Rolin Jones, and Karen Moncrieff. Elizabeth Raposo will be overseeing the project for Paramount as Lindsey Weber represents Bad Robot.

For a movie casting a star as big as Ridley, Kolma is only expected to have a budget of $60 million to $70 million. That's more than enough to ensure visual effects will be impressive while keeping production still relatively modest.

At least this won't put pressure on Ridley to launch a tentpole for Paramount. Not that Abrams' name won't help in ensuring box office success. (10 Cloverfield Lane did have a $25-million opening weekend.)

Currently, Ridley is filming as Rey for Star Wars: Episode VIII, which will be directed by Rian Johnson. She is also expected to be part of Episode IX, taking direction from Colin Trevorrow. In January, Ridley signed on to be an executive producer as well for The Eagle Huntress, a well-received Sundance documentary Sony Pictures will be releasing.

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