In an effort to give people the resources they need to look and feel their best, Los Angeles-based GoodLooks launched its online marketplace on April 18. The goal is to provide a one-stop shop for those who may be interested in hiring lifestyle experts to fill voids, whether they're fashion or health-related.

GoodLooks was founded back in 2015 by Mitzi Reaugh and Cynthia Rupeka. Reaugh has more than 15 years of experience working with companies including NBC Universal and Miramax. Rupeka has worked with The Cherin Group, an entertainment and next-gen media company. Together, the two teamed up with Berlin Cameron to market and brand GoodLooks for its public debut.

"As a busy, working mother, I was inspired to start GoodLooks when I was overwhelmed trying to hire a nutritionist and a personal stylist," said Reaugh. "It was impossible to compare experts and I didn't have the time to vet through the referrals from friends. Sometimes you need an expert to provide the inspiration and motivation to make a change. And the right expert saves our most precious resource - time."

GoodLooks works like any other online marketplace - users have the option to browse through a series of professionals according to location, price, and specialties. From here, they can connect with experts by sending them messages through the platform. Alternatively, individuals can book an introductory session with an expert for $15. Once users have made their final decision, they can confirm an in-person or virtual full-length session with an expert, and payment can be made via GoodLooks.

"GoodLooks features a wide variety of experts ranging from style to fitness to nutrition to career know-how," the company states on its website. "We screen and vet all professionals to ensure you receive qualified, top-tier advice."

So exactly what kind of advice can you get on GoodLooks?

The network is primarily composed of personal stylists, career and life coaches, nutritionists, dietitians, health coaches and personal trainers. Whether users want a more structured exercise regimen or help prepping for a wedding, GoodLooks' network promises to provide experts who have optimized solutions. 

"Looking good starts from the inside out," GoodLooks says on its site. "We are a community of like-minded users and experts who strive to be better."

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