Game of Thrones season six is almost here, and that means it's time to catch up on all the death and betrayal from last season. Keeping up with who's where, who's dead and who's still miserable, however, can be quite the task. But that's exactly what recap videos are for.

We just so happen to have our own to get you ready for the season six premiere on Sunday night. We've boiled down all the essential moments and plot points of season five into one minute and 30 second video for your convenience. 

Tyrion's journey to Meereen, Jon's battle to save the wildlings from the White Walkers, the war between Stannis and Ramsay, the High Sparrow, The Faceless Men, Jaime and Bronn's mission to save Myrcella from Dorne, it's all there and more. Watching the recap, even with so much cut out, puts in perspective how jam packed each episode of the show truly is.

Like George R.R. Martin's book series upon which the show is based, there is still plenty of filler that can be cut out. While Game of Thrones doesn't feature page long descriptions of food and banquets like the books, it does often take its sweet time in getting to the massive battles and shocking betrayals fans watch the show for. Needless conversations between characters often go nowhere, and serve more as an excuse for showrunners to put a few more boobs on the screen.

That doesn't mean last season wasn't packed with shocking deaths and revelations that fans watch the show. The death (maybe?) of Jon Snow truly came out of nowhere for most viewers around the world, but so did the deaths of Myrcella and Stannis as well. Even book readers found themselves surprised, as Myrcella and Stannis are still alive and well in Martin's novels. It just helps highlight that the show and books are becoming increasingly separate entities, especially as Game of Thrones officially moves the book series with season six.

Fans no longer have a roadmap for all the twists and turns Game of Thrones will take, which should make for one mighty interesting season. So go ahead and get caught up with the video above, because Sunday's premiere is certain to be one that everybody will be talking about.

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