HBO's Game of Thrones saw the downfall of the Stark family starting from the time the head of the family, Ned Stark, was beheaded by Joffrey Baratheon in season one and how each of the remaining family members were pushed to their limits with each passing season.

Now that nearly all of the remaining legitimate Stark heirs are in positions that can make or break their plans for revenge-except for Rickon because we have no idea where he is right now-rumors that season six could potentially be the season where the Starks will rise are swirling around.

The Starks now have a warg and seer (Bran), an assassin-in-training (Arya) and a strategically positioned woman who is learning how to use her political connections to her advantage (Sansa) and, while they may be far apart, surely their individual actions and successes would be able to cause a few tremors in parts of Westeros.

Of course, these three Stark heirs will do things their own way and each of them has their own responsibilities to shoulder. Bran, who was absent for the entire fifth season has been training under the three-eyed raven and, while he can see the past, present and future, he is also in a position that could influence the outcome of the battle between the living and the night walkers.

"[He] could potentially be the key to making the dead victorious or defeating them [...] He's got to learn quickly, and he's got to shoulder a tremendous amount of responsibility with these powers which are going to be crucial," Isaac Hempstead Wright said.

Still, it seems Bran's powers and actual influence in season six may be more passive and he also has a less direct experience of the sufferings his siblings experienced so his motivation may not be as powerful. After all, the showrunners have said that the upcoming season is when the women will rise to their potential.

Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, noted her character's growth throughout the seasons. She said that, after all her sufferings, Sansa will finally be discarding her rose-tinted glasses and take matters into her own hands.

"This is the season where she's starting to turn things around [...] She's building a group of trusted people that will help her get what she wants, which is - ultimately - revenge," she said.

As for Arya, well, she is still blind but she will continue with her assassin training under Jaqen H'ghar.

"Arya is now learning to use her ears and other senses [which will] make her a better assassin. But the beginning will be spent as an underdog and will be a real struggle," Maisie Williams said.

It really does seem that Arya's struggles will be difficult since The Waif is seen "training" her hard—that is to say, attacking Arya and expecting her to be able to fight back like usual even if she is blind— in the second trailer.

We all have less than a week of wait before we finally get to see the premiere of season six so don't forget that Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 24 (yes, it is this Sunday already!).

Watch the newest clip that Game of Thrones shared on its Facebook page on April 18.

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