Can we get anything more than just a glimpse of its headlight? Apparently not.

On Tuesday, Lexus teased a first-look shot of its all-new IS sedan before its debut at the Beijing Auto Show 2016, which is set to have its press days from April 25 to 26 before opening to the public from April 29 through May 4.

Although Toyota and its luxury division is keeping rather mum about the new vehicle, it did offer:

"Since its inception, Lexus IS was designed for those in relentless pursuit of driving pleasure. After three generations, the Lexus IS has successfully captured the hearts of young customers all over the world," a short description accompanying Tuesday's press release read. "The upcoming new model will bring exciting breakthroughs based on the Lexus signature L-finesse design philosophy. The bold evolution of design with greatly enhanced visual impact will absolutely ignite people's desire to put their hands on the steering wheel."

While there will be more details to follow next week, we do know that Lexus' current IS model comes with a base price of $38,000 going all the way up to $45,000 for the IS F equipped with all-wheel drive. The base IS sedan is also powered by 241 revving horsepower with the option to upgrade to 255 or 306 via its DOHC V6 package.

That being said, it wouldn't be far-fetched to think that the all-new IS midsize sedan will carry a similar price, while offering similar specs as its current model.

The debut of the all-new IS will definitely mark a next chapter for the brand that has always prided itself on excellence.

Just last week, Lexus announced a milestone — that it has sold over one million hybrid vehicles since its RX 400h went on sale in April 2005.

Although it's excited about its new IS, Lexus wants to continue to see advances in its hybrid system.

"The hybrid drive system continues to be our core vehicle technology to help reduce CO2 emissions, while providing a pleasurable driving experience. We have set ambitious environmental goals for 2050, and hybrid popularity worldwide is extremely important if we are to achieve those goals," Tokuo Fukuichi, President of Lexus International, said in a company press release statement. "[Currently], Lexus manufactures 10 hybrid models, with more on the way. I'm pleased over one million customers worldwide have put their faith into our hybrid line-up."

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