Miggo has put together an impressive case called Pictar that turns your iPhone into a DSLR camera.

iPhone models have always boasted of a top-notch smartphone camera, with the iPhone 6s leading the way. However, it never gave you the added punch that the big DSLR features offer during professional photo shoots.

Well, the new Pictar case comes with physical camera controls that are meant to up your photography skills. The product comes with five essential buttons: an exposure compensation wheel, a shutter release, a smart wheel, and a zoom ring that also acts as a selfie switch. The manual mode lets you adjust white balance, ISO, flash, as well as shutter speed through the two-step shutter button. Additionally, its ¼-inch socket makes a tripod connection easy, while the cold shoe mount takes care of a microphone or an LED light.

The phone, once connected to Pictar, shows a virtual button on the touchscreen that lets you adjust most-used settings instead of cruising through all the onscreen menus. However, there's a unique way in which this function works with the photography case.

Interestingly, the makers have ignored wireless functions like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Instead, they have gone for a high-frequency sound system that enables the iPhone to communicate with Pictar, which is not audible to human ears. For example, each action like taking a photo or zooming is connected to a high-frequency tone, which, once connected with the phone, tells it what to do.

The case supports all iPhones from 4s to 6s, except for 6 Plus and 6s Plus, and lasts up to six months on one AA battery. More importantly, it draws no charge from the phone.

Knowing the perils of one-handed usage of an expensive phone, Miggo has also made sure the Pictar case comes with something for the users to hold on to that provides a firmer grip. The half-slide case also keeps the iPhone camera lens exposed, thus not taking away options like Olloclip. The foam pads inside cushion the device after it's been slid in and is ready for shooting.

Looks like the company has thought of almost everything to provide you with a DSLR simulation through iPhone, which should make photography enthusiasts pay the required $90 to avail of this accessory.

The Pictar campaign that started on Kickstarter on April 20 has a production goal of $100,000, following which the product should start getting shipped to backers in December. However, the only point of concern is Pictar is a Kickstarter project, and before you back this project, read all instructions carefully that pertain to your rights during the campaign and even after it ends.

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