Apple finally unveiled its first new smart watch wearable, Apple Watch, but many are wondering just how it compares with other smart watches on the market, such as the Moto 360, Motorola's second smart watch. Motorola's first one was MotoActv.

Both Apple and Motorola now have their first wearable offering on the market, and it seems as though the players are striving hard to appeal to a wide range of users.


As far as design goes, the watches are very different. The Moto 360 is extremely simple in design, being made up of a circular watch face and a simple leather or metal wristband. It has a simple crown on the side, which is used for a number of different things. The Moto 360 has been hailed as the most stylish smart watch on the market. Because the two devices are so different, though, it is hard to say whether one looks better than the other.

The Apple Watch, on the other hand, is rectangular and a little bulkier. While it does come in two sizes, the design remains unchanged. The Apple Watch has what Apple is calling the Digital Crown, which is used to scroll through screens and zoom in and out of pictures and maps.

Customization capability

The Apple Watch is made for the user, and as such Apple has allowed users to really customize the look of the device. There are a total of three build materials to choose from, with each having a slightly different look. On top of that and the two sizes previously mentioned, users can also choose between an extremely wide range of wristbands in different colors and materials.

The Moto 360 is far less customizable, atlhough Motorola has made it so that this probably will not be an issue for most. The Moto 360 comes in either black or silver, and users can choose between a leather wristband in a couple of different colors, or a metallic one. While this doesn't sound like much, most people will want a metal or leather wristband anyway.


The age-old battle between Apple and Google continues in the wearable market. The Apple Watch uses Apple's Watch OS, with the Moto 360 using Google's Android Wear.

Watch OS is similar to iOS in look. While it is quite dark, it seems to be very functional. The "home screen" is a simple mosaic of apps, which users can zoom in and out of. Users can easily scroll through different screens and functions on the device and can also make use of the Digital Crown for a number of features.

Android Wear has been out for a while now, and looks very much like a Google product. In contrast with Apple's Watch OS, Android Wear is colorful and bright. Notifications take up a full screen and users can easily return to telling the time with a simple swipe.


The Moto 360 is clearly not made to be only a fitness device. It uses either a metal band or a leather one, which is not the most fitness friendly strap. Despite this, it does have a few fitness features. It can track heart rate and distance, among other things. Third-party apps will likely make the Moto 360 a more fitness-friendly device.

The Apple Watch is very fitness focused. In fact, there is even a version of the device specifically for fitness, called Watch Sport, one of the three editions the Watch is available in at its debut. It can also track steps taken, heart rate, and so on, but the addition of health and fitness apps puts it slightly ahead of the Moto 360 in this area. Again, third-party apps will likely give this device more use in the fitness market.

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