The face swap feature of Snapchat is currently one of the most popular trends in the app, allowing users to swap their faces with other people, and sometimes even animals and objects, within a single picture.

Accessing the feature is as simple as taking a picture of you and your friend that you would like to swap faces with using the smartphone's camera while in the app, along with the face swap lens.

With the latest update for the iOS version of Snapchat, Apple device users can now also face swap using a picture located in the Camera Roll of their device. Upon entering the lens list of Snapchat, which is done by making a long press on your face while the selfie camera is opened, users will see a second button for face swaps showing up next to the original one.

The new face swap icon is colored purple, and shows a camera beside a face. This indicates that the face swap will be happening with a picture that has previously been saved on the iOS device. Users will also be able to swap their faces not only with their friends, but even with celebrities, cartoon characters and mythical creatures, as long as they have those pictures saved on the device.

The updated Snapchat app for iOS can now be downloaded through iTunes or the App Store to add the functionality to the face swap feature of the app.

The update, however, does not only add the feature for users to face swap with saved pictures. Users will now also be able to replay any snap that they receive once for free, with the option to purchase additional replays no longer available.

The new features for the iOS version of Snapchat would likely not be exclusive to the operating system though, as the company has been known to keep the iOS and Android versions of its app as similar to each other as possible. As such, Android users should expect to be able to use the feature in their devices soon, though there has been no indication when.

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