It's time for Samsung's midrange smartphones to shine, and they are showing off their features in the latest commercials released by the top Korean device maker.

Samsung's Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 are the stars of the company's newest 15-second ads, with each highlighting a unique feature of the midrange lineup.

The first video puts Samsung Pay front and center as the theme of the short advertisement. Playing with the word "pay," Samsung uses various items, such as shoes and gifts, and used it as the letter "A" before finally being replaced by the Galaxy A7 itself. It's clever enough.

Just like its bigger, better flagship brothers, the Galaxy A series does borrow some high-end features from the more expensive Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. As highlighted in the Samsung Pay commercial, the Galaxy A also features a fingerprint sensor on the home button, which will be the primary way to use Samsung Pay.

The second video centers on the design of the Galaxy A series. Again, taking advantage of the lettering of the words "metal" and "glass", Samsung trades the places of the letter "A" with its newest Galaxy device.

Galaxy A continues to borrow design cues from its S-series brothers' premium metal and curved glass build. Albeit, the curvature of the glass used in the Galaxy A is no way near comparable to the full-on Edge curve of the S7. However, it does provide enough of a curvy feel to it when the fingers glide over from the metal edged bezel to the smooth 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4 screen.

Unfortunately, the rear is also layered in the same Gorilla Glass screen. Even though the phone can probably take a few hits to the floor pretty well due to the metal frame, should the device hit glass first on a hard surface, it will most likely crack.

The third and final clip released is the best of the bunch. Continuing to follow the trend set by the first two where the Galaxy A replaces the letter "A" of a word, this time Samsung focuses on "camera." The imagery is bright and fun as the video opens up with a breakfast plate designed with a happy food face.

The higher end midrange Galaxy A7 comes with a 13 MP camera complete with optical image stabilization. The lens itself is f/1.9 with a snappy autofocus so images will come out clear and naturally bright.

Where the Galaxy A series trips up, however, is in its availability. The phone will not be sold in the U.S., and is only for sale in Chinese and Indian markets.

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