Fans of the first-person shooter Doom have been asking for a reboot of the game for years, which is why they were ecstatic when developer Id Software revealed that it has a new title lined up for a May release.

However, some players who were able to try out the game's open beta version last week were disappointed to find out that at this stage the new Doom's frame rate was capped, and that it didn't' have support for features on newer PCs.

This could all change with the announcement that the complete game will have a wide range of advanced settings that players can use to fine-tune their gameplay.

In a post on Bethesda's blog, Robert Duffy, chief technology officer of Id Software, explained that they are continuing to make finishing touches to the new Doom to address issues players have encountered in the open beta.

He said that when the game is released, it will have uncapped PC frame rates as well as support for ultra-wide 21:9 monitors, which would give players a wider field of view.

Doom will also feature more options for its settings to allow more experienced gamers to adjust their PCs to prioritize better performance or better visual fidelity.

Duffy said that they will also provide gamers a chance to find out more about the idTech 6 game engine they used to create Doom through several upcoming posts. They will also highlight the rendering pipeline and customization technology involved in the making of the game.

Here are some of the features players will see in Doom's advanced settings:

1. Manually Lock Framerate

2. Shading Quality

3. Lights Quality

4. Particles Quality

5. Post Process Quality

6. Game F/X Quality

7. Decal Quality

8. Chromatic Aberration Toggle

9. Directional Occlusion

10. Reflections Quality

11. Decal / Texture Filtering

12. Depth of Field Toggle

13. Motion Blur Quality / Toggle

14. Lens Flare Toggle

15. Lens Dirt Toggle

16. Sharpening Amount

17. Texture Atlas Size

18. Show Performance Metrics

19. UI Opacity

20. Resolution Scaling

21. Rendering Mode

22. Film Grain

23. Use Compute Shaders

24. Show First-person Hands Toggle

25. FOV Slider

Doom will be available for purchase on May 13 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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