With the heightened tension on territories from northern to southern Asia, Japan takes a move on tightening its security environment with its first radar-evading fighter jet. The Japan's stealth fighter jet took its maiden flight on April 22.

The stealth fighter jet X-2 took off for its first test flight in Nagoya Airport, Japan. The aircraft was tested with different maneuvers such as descending, circling and climbing. Its test flight reflected simulated training and it "was extremely stable," according to the pilot.

After the test flight of the fighter jet, it landed on Japan Air Self-Defense Force at Gifu Air Base.

The twin engine stealth fighter jet was manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

"[The X-2] integrates an airframe, engines, and other advanced systems and equipment all adaptable to future fighters," said Mitsubishi.

The X-2 reflects the red and white colors of Japan. It also has a specialized coating to become less detectable by other devices. This fighter jet has the ability to absorb or deflect radar signals from other electronics.

Data gathered from the test flight will be analyzed and reviewed by the Defense Ministry Program to be able to further develop the aircraft.

Other countries such as China have also developed aircraft with the same characteristics as the Japan's stealth fighter jet. The Shenyang FC-31 of Beijing and fifth gen twin-engine J-20 also have stealth feature. United States' F-117 Nighthawk (no longer in service), B-2 Spirit Bomber, F-35 Lightning II and F-22 Raptor all have the stealth designs.

Japan's creation of the first radar-evading jet is just one way of increasing its defense in the country as China also increases its budget on military by 7.6 percent in 2016 and is being aggressive in its offense in territories of interest.

Japan strained ties with China is due to a dispute on the Senkaku Island, East China Sea. Leaders across the globe are also alarmed with the increased tension and territorial dispute on the Korean peninsula and seas from northern to southern Asia.

A record of 571 times of Chinese aircraft surrounded Japan's airspace in 2015. Just recently, Chinese aircraft are seen flying over Okinawa Island, Miyako Island and East China Sea.

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