Beyoncé sure knows how to drop an album.

In 2013 the singer shocked the world with a surprise album that featured a music video for every track. And just when you thought Queen Bey has thought of it all, she made us all lose it during her HBO special Lemonade that aired on Saturday night.

Somehow she was able to again keep this project close under wraps. The only thing critics and fans could assume was that no matter what the special was, they could expect new music to be released as Beyoncé prepares to launch the Formation world tour.

By now we all know that the special turned out to be Bey's latest visual album, which is part spoken-word poetry read by the singer and written by Warsan Shire, part visuals and music that included tracks like "Sorry," "Don't Hurt Yourself" and "Sandcastles," with cameos made by Serena Williams, daughter Blue Ivy and even husband Jay Z.

The special is broken into 11 chapters and tells the story of a relationship in strife, explored in stages that include denial, anger, emptiness, accountability, forgiveness and redemption. While the album starts off feeling like a way to serve her husband divorce papers, it ends on a happy note.

And once the special was over, Lemonade became available exclusively on Tidal. But we all know by now that exclusives don't really stay exclusive when it comes to new music.

Here's where you can stream Beyoncé's new album Lemonade.


Following the special on April 23, Lemonade dropped on Tidal, which only makes sense since we expected Bey to stay loyal to her husband's streaming service, which she also has a stake in.


But you don't need to subscribe to the platform to be able to listen to the new music. Tidal has also made Lemonade available for download worldwide for $17.99. And to put icing on the cake, it is also throwing in a free 90-day trial to the streaming service with the purchase of the album.


While we continue to keep our fingers crossed that Beyoncé's new album will come to Apple Music, we will have to keep on waiting because Tidal still has exclusive streaming rights. However, Tidal's exclusivity to sell the album expired already, meaning you can now purchase it from other platforms.


This means that you can now download Lemonade on iTunes for $17.99. The album features all 12 songs including "Formation," as well as the film that aired on HBO.


Fans can also stream Lemonade on their devices after purchasing the MP3 format for $17.99 on Amazon. Just like on Tidal and iTunes, those who make the purchase get the entire album plus a short film.


You can also preorder the audio CD version for $18.98 on Amazon as well, which will be released on May 6.


UPDATE: Lemonade is no longer available on HBO Go.

HBO let everyone—even those with a cable subscription—watch Lemonade on Saturday night. But for those who do have HBO, they can replay the special as much as they want on HBO Go. Available for desktops or in the App Stores, HBO Go is free to use. Just enter into your cable log-in information and search for "Lemonade." This is a great way to listen to the new songs on repeat before they become more widely available on other streaming services hopefully in the near future.



Pandora announced on Wednesday that Beyoncé's Lemonade is now available to stream on its platform. This comes just five days after the album was released on Tidal. Pandora added the album before Apple Music, Google Play Music and Spotify. Users can now like the album and create a station to listen to the tracks on the streaming service, and also have the option of buying it on iTunes or Amazon.


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