Georgia Waiter Helps Man With No Hands Eat Lunch: Moment Captured, Shared On Facebook


Goodness is really innate in humans, and recently netizens just witnessed another kind act of a man. A waiter in a Mexican restaurant in Georgia helped a man with no hands to eat lunch, and this moment was posted on Facebook.

Alex Ruiz, 22 years old, a waiter from Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill at Douglasville, Georgia assisted the man, when he asked if someone could help him eat his meal. Ruiz got him a table, took his order, delivered the food to the man and fed him.

"I said I would help ... and from the bottom of my heart I really wanted to help him," said Ruiz in Spanish.

After eating, Ruiz took the man's money, paid the meal at the counter and returned his change.

This kind act by the waiter was seen by many of the diners and this kindness was caught on camera by Reginald Widener, one of the restaurant's regular customers.

Widener, was seated at the bar near the table of the pair, when he turned and saw the man with no hands being fed by Ruiz. He captured the moment and posted it on his Facebook, which so far has received hundreds of Likes and has been shared more than a thousand times.

"That just made me feel good inside," said Widener. "He didn't complain about it; it looked like he really cared."

Crystal Figueroa, Ruiz's co-worker, also witnessed the kindness, that was also shared on the restaurant's Facebook page.

"He's always so nice, and the fact that he just came out of nowhere and helped a man he doesn't even know have a meal says everything. That just shows the person that he is," Figueroa said.

Widener said that there are people who are dealing with worst situation every day and the world needs more people to be positive.

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