Chick-fil-A's Chocolate Chunk Cookies are being recalled as these may contain peanuts, posing a serious health risk to those who have an allergy or sensitivity to the ingredient.

CSM Bakery Solutions, which supplies the cookies to restaurant chain, issued an allergy alert and voluntarily recalled the Chocolate Chunk Cookies. According to the announcement, the cookies may contain small levels of undeclared peanuts and people with peanut allergy may suffer from deadly allergic reactions if they consume these.

CSM initiated the product recall after discovering in post-production testing that the flour it used for the cookies, provided by a supplier, contained low levels of peanut, which got into the flour through incidental contact. The product packaging of the food items made from this flour does not disclose the presence of peanut.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) posted the announcement of the product recall April 22. The allergy alert includes information on the lot number, best by date and shipping date of the recalled cookies.

There have been no reports of any allergic reactions or illnesses caused by the cookies.

Signs And Symptoms Of Peanut Allergy

Peanut allergy is one of the most common food allergies. and can cause anaphylaxis, or a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction.

A person with peanut allergy who accidentally consumes peanut-containing food will show signs of redness and itching on the skin, and digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea. The person will also experience tightening of the throat and shortness of breath.

Persons suffering from anaphylaxis may feel dizzy and have extremely low blood pressure. They may also have difficulty breathing because the allergen causes the throat to swell and the airways to become constricted.

Peanut allergies cannot be cured but the signs and symptoms can be reduced by treatment with epinephrine auto-injectors and vigilance with food products being consumed.

It is advisable that persons with a peanut allergy consult a doctor for medicine to help alleviate allergic reactions. Call the nearest hospital as soon as possible if you see someone having an allergic reaction such as loss of consciousness, severe difficulty in breathing and dizziness.

The FDA and CSM Bakery Solutions are advising customers who bought the product to return it to where it was purchased to get a full refund. Customers who have concerns regarding the Chick-fil-A Chocolate Chunk Cookie may contact CSM Bakery Solutions at 1-800-241-8526 extension 4, option 3 or email them on

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