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Feeding Peanuts To Children To Cure Food Allergy Puts Them At Risk Of Serious Allergic Reaction

The risk of people with peanut allergy suffering from anaphylactic shock increases from 7.1 percent to 22 percent when they take small doses of peanuts to desensitize them. What are the factors that affect how immunotherapies work?

Public Health April 27, 2019

Girl With Severe Dairy Allergy Dies After Using Prescription Toothpaste

It's a parent's worst nightmare. After living with a dairy allergy all her life, an 11-year-old experienced a fatal reaction following her use of a toothpaste with a milk ingredient.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 23, 2019

Goodbye Epipens? Students Create Syringe Watch With Foldable Allergy Shot

Allergies can be life-threatening. Students of Rice University came up with the EpiWear, a prototype device that could be a possible alternative to EpiPen, the costly epinephrine auto-injector that is now in short supply in many countries.

Public Health April 21, 2019

Inactive Ingredients In Pills Such As Gluten And Dyes Can Trigger Allergic Reactions

A vast majority of oral medication contain elements that could trigger an allergy reaction on sensitive individuals, a new study reveals. Researchers break down the numbers and explain how proper labeling is important.

Medicine March 14, 2019

Chance Of Getting Red Meat Allergy From Tick Bite Higher Than Previous Estimates

The risk of developing an alpha-gal syndrome from a tick bite is higher than originally thought. Scientists found that alpha-gal is present in the saliva of certain tick species whether they recently fed on mammal blood or not.

Public Health February 25, 2019

Can Food Allergies Be This Severe? 11-Year-Old Cameron Jean-Pierre Dies Due To Smell Of Fish Cooking

An 11-year-old boy from Brooklyn died from a severe form of an allergic reaction after smelling a fish being cooked. Experts said that hypersensitivity to food particles is increasingly becoming a problem among children.

Public Health January 9, 2019

Over 10 Percent Of US Adults Have Food Allergies, But Nearly Twice As Many Think They Do

How many U.S. adults are actually dealing with food allergies? A new study shows that more adults think they have food allergies that those who actually have them.

Public Health January 5, 2019

Experimental Drug Could Yield Good Results For People Allergic To Peanuts

An experimental drug for people with peanut allergies has come out of the Phase 3 trial with positive results. Kids who received the treatment were able to ingest peanut protein without experiencing symptoms associated with food allergies.

Medicine November 19, 2018

Peanut Allergies Becoming More Prevalent: Here's What You Can Do About It

A new study found that the number of children born with a peanut allergy has increased in the past decades. In 2008, one in 70 children has peanut allergy compared to one in 250 back in 1997.

Public Health October 29, 2018

Children With Allergies At Increased Risk Of Developing Immune Condition That Causes Esophagus Inflammation

Children with three existing allergies are nine times more likely to develop eosinophilic esophagitis, an immune condition that causes painful inflammation of the esophagus. Is it as deadly as anaphylactic food allergies?

Public Health June 28, 2018

More Americans Now Allergic To Red Meat Because Of Tick Bites: Is There Cure For Alpha-gal Allergy?

The number of Americans with red meat allergy caused by tick bites increased from 3,500 two years ago to 5,000. Is there an established treatment for alpha-gal allergy?

Public Health June 27, 2018

Children Who Live Closer To Livestock Have Lower Risk Of Allergy Until Adulthood

A new study found that exposure to farming environments may decrease the risk of sensitivity to allergens like pollen and pets. Interestingly, low sensitization is not limited during childhood but also during adulthood.

Public Health May 14, 2018

Allergy Season Worsens Every Year Due To Weather Change: Here Are The Cities That Are Most Affected

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, seasonal allergies have gotten worse because of the weather changes. The AAFA also listed which cities would be the most difficult places to live in during this time of year.

Public Health April 30, 2018

People With Allergies At Higher Risk For Psychiatric Disorders

Findings of a study conducted in Taiwan showed that Individuals with allergic diseases such as asthma, eczema, and hay fever are at higher risk for depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders. Why?

Public Health April 25, 2018

Peanut Allergy Vaccine Turns Off Allergic Reactions By Redirecting Immune Response

An experimental nasal mist vaccine protected allergic mice from reactions, such as breathing problems and itchy skin, due to exposure to peanuts. The treatment works even if the allergy is already established.

Public Health April 12, 2018

Babies Given Antibiotics And Antacids Are More Likely To Develop Allergies

A new study discovered that babies who are given antibiotics and antacids are more likely to develop allergies as they grow up. The results of the research provide evidence on the the importance and delicate balance of the gut microbiome.

Medicine April 3, 2018

Toddler May Be Youngest Person Diagnosed With Aquagenic Urticaria: She's Allergic To Water

Ivy Angerman, an 18-month-old toddler from Minnesota, may be the youngest person ever diagnosed with the extremely rare condition of aquagenic urticaria. The toddler's skin breaks out into painful blisters from being in the bath for just 15 seconds.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 26, 2018

Peanut Allergy Drug Offers Hope For Children Allergic To Nuts

In a major study, AR101, a capsule of peanut flour taken daily, helped desensitize children with severe peanut allergy. Can this oral drug cure children who are allergic to nuts?

Public Health February 21, 2018

6 Natural Life Hacks To Prevent Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Over-the-counter medicines such as Allegra, Claritin, and Zyrtec can help reduce allergy symptoms, but not for long. We've compiled 6 natural life hacks to help prevent those seasonal allergy symptoms.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 19, 2018

Kiwi Fruit Linked To Allergic Reactions In Rhode Island

Students in Rhode Island were given antihistamines and sent to the emergency room because of allergic reactions that surfaced after they ate fresh kiwi fruits. Who is most at risk of kiwi fruit allergy?

Public Health February 10, 2018

Cheaper EpiPen Alternative Symjepi Gets FDA Approval

Epipen has a new rival as a low-cost alternative to Mylan's epinephrine autoinjector has been approved. Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp.'s Symjepi will be sold at less than the price of generic EpiPens.

Medicine June 17, 2017

Here Are Surefire Ways To Keep Spring Allergies At Bay

You can’t stop spring from coming, but there are many things you can do to prevent spring allergies from spoiling such a stunning season for you this year. Here’s how.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 8, 2017

Peanut Allergies Shouldn’t Keep You From Eating Walnuts, Almonds, Says Study

According to a new study, a confirmed peanut allergy doesn’t automatically imply you are allergic to tree nuts as well. As long as you pass the oral food challenge, you can safely eat almonds and walnuts.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 28, 2017

How To Survive Spring Allergies And Limit Pollen Exposure

The early allergy season we are experiencing this year caused a spike in pollen counts, which trigger allergic reactions. Find out how to keep your home allergen-free and how to avoid pollen exposure outdoors.

Public Health March 20, 2017

Probiotic Combination May Ease Allergy Symptoms: Study

Allergy season is soon to befall us. With that, a new study found that a certain probiotic combination may be effective in alleviating symptoms of mild seasonal allergies.

Public Health March 2, 2017

EpiPen Alternative Auvi-Q Can Be Obtained For 'Free' When It Returns Feb. 14

Kaléo has announced Auvi-Q, a cheaper alternative to Mylan’s EpiPen, will be available throughout the country beginning Feb. 14. With the company's AffordAbility commitment program, patients in the United States will have a chance to get their own epinephrine injections for free.

Medicine January 23, 2017

CVS To Sell Generic Version Of EpiPen Competitor At 80 Percent Cheaper Price

CVS will sell a generic version of an EpiPen competitor. The generic Adrenaclick two-pack is priced at $109.99, which is far cheaper than the cost of Mylan's epinephrine autoinjector.

Medicine January 12, 2017

Fatal Thunderstorm Asthma Outbreak In Melbourne Claims 6th Victim

The thunderstorm outbreak in Melbourne, Australia claimed its sixth victim, who died Saturday, Nov. 26, after suffering from medical complications. A number of other patients are still in hospitals.

Public Health November 28, 2016

Allergies In Children: Early Antibiotics Exposure Ups Risk Of Allergies Later In Life

Antibiotic treatment in young children could increase the risk of eczema and hay fever later in life. Children’s gut microflora are highly disturbed by antibiotics, resulting in a reduced immune response.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 8, 2016

AstraZeneca's Benralizumab Treatment Can Reduce Symptoms Of Severe Asthma

The symptoms and risks of severe asthma are reduced by half with AstraZeneca’s benralizumab injection every four weeks. The drug works by destroying the eosinophils, which are responsible for causing allergy and asthma, in airways and bloodstream.

Medicine September 6, 2016

EpiPen Price Skyrockets: What Is EpiPen, Why Is It So Expensive And Where Can We Get A Cheaper Alternative

The skyrocketing cost of the EpiPen has made it difficult for allergy sufferers to buy them. What is behind the price increase and are there cheaper alternatives to this epinephrine injector?

Public Health August 20, 2016

Cost Of Life-Saving EpiPen Becoming Too Expensive For Families With Food Allergies

The rising cost of EpiPen becomes too prohibitive for families in the United States with allergies. Some who can no longer afford the device turn to risky alternatives.

Medicine August 16, 2016

Researchers Inch Closer To Developing Non-Allergenic Peanuts

Scientists may have found a way to create non-allergenic peanuts. The discovery may pave the way for healthier peanut products that all people can eat.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 3, 2016

Chick-fil-A Withdraws Chocolate Chunk Cookie Supply Over Allergen Concerns: Signs, Symptoms Of Peanut Allergy

Chick-fil-A's Chocolate Chunk Cookies are being voluntarily recalled by the supplier because of allergen concerns. CSM Bakery Solutions issued an allergy alert on undeclared peanut present in the flour used in the cookies.

Public Health April 26, 2016

Cow's Milk Allergy Linked To Weaker Bones In Children

Children who are allergic to cow's milk tend to have weaker bones compared with kids who have other food allergies. What can parents do to help alleviate calcium deficiency in these kids?

Healthy Living/Wellness April 23, 2016

Birth Season And Allergy Risk Linked By DNA Markers

Allergies you have as an adult may have been influenced by the season you were born in. According to researchers, certain DNA markers link birth season and allergy risk later in life.

Life March 23, 2016

El Niño Linked To More Pollen, Early Allergy Season

Experts have warned that the El Niño weather pattern could bring about more pollen and an early and intense allergy season. The heavy rains followed by warm weather lead pollen to be released more substantially than before.

Earth/Environment March 15, 2016

Suffer From Allergies? You Can Blame Ancient Neanderthals, Researchers Say

Neanderthal DNA helped evolve the modern human immune system, researchers suggest. However, it may have made some people more prone to allergies, they say.

January 8, 2016

Some Over-The-Counter Acne Products Linked To Severe Allergic Reactions

A safety review found a link between over-the-counter acne products and severe allergic reactions. The main culprits, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, are said to cause hypersensitivity and even deadly anaphylactic reactions.

Life December 12, 2015

Canadian Authorities Recall President's Choice Ginger Cookie Chips Due To Peanut Allergy Risk

President's Choice Ginger Cookie Chips were recalled from the market after posing risks for peanut allergy sufferers. Some packages could have peanuts in them but the warning was not included in the label.

Life November 8, 2015

Many People Who Think They Are Allergic To Penicillin May Safely Take The Drug: Study

Researchers found that not everyone who think they have penicillin allergy are actually allergic. People who mistake themselves as allergic to Penicillin are forced to opt for more dangerous antibiotics that are riskier to their health.

Life November 6, 2015

School Bans Spicy Doritos After Student Reported Breathing Problems

An ultra-hot variant of Doritos has caused a schoolgirl in England to suffer breathing problems. The school, where the student attends, has already issued a warning against the said fiery snack.

Life July 17, 2015

Overprotective Parents May Unknowingly Starve Their Children Due To Allergy Fears

Allergy fears of overprotective parents are taking its toll as more middle-class children in the U.K. are experiencing malnutrition due to starvation. Parents cut down their children's diet to prevent allergic reactions, without scientific basis.

Life June 5, 2015

People Allergic To Tattoo Ink More Common Than Previously Thought, Says Study

Skin inflammations are normal when getting a tattoo, but more so than just physical irritation, researchers have found that people are allergic to the actual tattoo ink used.

Life May 29, 2015

Peanut Allergy May Be More Difficult To Diagnose Due To Asthma Symptoms

Does your child have asthma? There’s a good chance that he might be allergic to peanuts as well.

Life May 18, 2015

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