5 Twitter Accounts To Follow For 2016 NFL Draft Coverage


The 2016 NFL Draft is just two days away, kicking off on April 28 at 8 p.m. ET live from Chicago. In helping to make sure you keep the chains moving and get all that you desire in up-to-date draft information before, during and after the three-day event, we decided to single out the five most crucial social media accounts to follow, starting today and after Saturday, when the Draft concludes.

From ESPN's Adam Schefter and Mel Kiper Jr. to the NFL's Ian Rapoport and Sports Illustrated's Peter King, these reporters are the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to gridiron coverage, analysis and breaking news. Not following their Twitter accounts should warrant being whistled for offsides. Way ... offsides.

Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

As we found out during a July 2015 feature story about him, breaking NFL news isn't Adam Schefter's job - it's his obsession. There isn't a more connected reporter on the scene than ESPN's NFL Insider, who is entering his 27th season covering the league.

A look at his Twitter account daily shows firsthand how much news he breaks. Whether it's sources telling him that Tom Brady will fight the appeals court decision to suspend him for four games or the latest in off-season signings, Schefter is the most thorough gridiron reporter of them all ... and you'd be a fool not to follow him for Draft coverage.

Mel Kiper Jr. @MelKiperESPN

If Schefter is the best overall NFL reporter on the scene, then his fellow ESPN colleague, Mel Kiper Jr., is the best specifically for the Draft. After all, it's why he's ESPN's presiding NFL/College Draft analyst. If there's someone who can smell an overrated or underrated prospect a mile away, it's Kiper. His mock draft might be the best in the business, period.

Todd McShay @McShay13

Todd McShay works hand-in-hand with Kiper for ESPN, so you know his draft coverage is more than up to par. Earlier today, McShay tweeted, "the 2016 NFL draft doesn't have top-end talent of years past, but the depth is impressive," before rolling out with his final-tier rankings. He also breaks down the most overrated, underrated, projected risers and fallers and the best pound-for-pound players in his "Ultimate 2016 NFL Draft Preview," for which you need an ESPN Insider account to view. Consider Schefter, Kiper and McShay your holy trinity for NFL Draft analysis and up-to-date news.

Ian Rapoport @RapSheet

This National Insider for the NFL Network and stands in the trenches with Schefter, matching his competition scoop-for-scoop as much as possible. A mere glance at his Twitter account today has Ian Rapoport dishing about Brady fighting his suspension to the very end and also shedding light on the New Orleans Saints, saying they're a team that could move up and grab Memphis quarterback stud Paxton Lynch. Follow him if you're not already.

Peter King @SI_PeterKing

Sports Illustrated's veteran NFL go-to reporter has been a staple on the gridiron scene, always a great go-to source for sticking news items about each team and feature stories that delve deeper with his Monday Morning Quarterback site. While Peter King might not be as active on his social media accounts as those aforementioned, he's every bit as plugged if not more. Follow him.

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