Google has updated the Hangouts app for iPhone and iPad, which brings a few new features and power management mode.

The update brings Hangouts for iOS to version 9.0, along with native iOS share extension, which means users can easily share photos, videos, URLs and more via Hangout for iOS without the need to open the app.

With the new Low Power Mode the app automatically turns off video stream when the battery drops less than 20 percent. It is worth noting that this will only work on iPhones, because mode is currently not available on iPads.

The Hangouts 9.0 features will be welcomed by many iDevice owners. However, some users have been waiting for the app's split screen view.

"I like google hangouts a lot, but the lack of split view is annoying and after using iMessage, fb messenger, etc with split view, it's a much missed feature," says a Reddit user.

Google has not confirmed any plans of getting split screen view to the iOS version of the app and customers may have to wait longer before the feature is introduced.

While iOS users will be able to enjoy the latest update, Google has not yet rolled out the new features to the Android version of the app. According to the Google Play Store, the last update was on March 16. Android device owners probably hope that Google rolls a software update for Android sooner than later.

Hangouts for iOS is available as a free download from the Apple App Store. The download file weighs 54.3 MB and users should have an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch running on iOS 8 or above to run the app.

Hangouts is one of the most popular communication app that offers instant messaging, video chat and more. The app is used by millions of people in different languages across the world.

Hangouts for iOS supports a number of languages, which include English, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Swedish, Spanish, Slovak, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Hungarian, Hindi, Hebrew, Greek, French, German and more.

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