This Fan-Made LEGO Star Destroyer Is 20 Times Bigger Than The Official Star Wars Set


This is the LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer you're looking for.

Star Wars and LEGO fan Doomhandle decided that the official LEGO set for the Star Destroyer just wasn't big enough, so he decided to create a bigger and better version that has an interior with three separate levels.

Doomhandle's Star Destroyer is so big that about 20 of those built with the official LEGO set could fit inside. It includes many extra features, too, including a hangar bay with ships and three levels of rooms for just about everything. Doomhandle dubbed the ship "The Tyrant."

"The Tyrant is over 56 inches (1.4m) long and weighs approximately 70 [pounds] (32kg) with a full load (the interior adds a lot of weight)," Doomhandle wrote on imgur. "That makes it about 20 inches longer - and quite a few times heavier - than the classic LEGO UCS version."

Doomhandle only used LEGO components for the build, too, but does plan on adding a string of LED lights for effect later on.

For an idea of just how big this thing is, here's a photo of the Star Destroyer from the official LEGO set dwarfed by the much larger fan-made build.

As previously mentioned, the build has a variety of rooms including a command bridge, a conference room, a meditation chamber, officer's quarters, walkways, gunnery stations, sensory stations, ship operations and more.

More photos of this incredible build are available on imgur.

The Imperial Star Destroyer first appeared in the original Star Wars trilogy of movies, although it wasn't called a "star destroyer" until 1980's The Empire Strikes Back. The original trilogy used the ship a lot and it's often seen in pursuit of the Millennium Falcon.

The ship also turns up briefly in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a wreck on the planet Jakku. It's also likely that the Star Destroyer will make an appearance in Star Wars: Rogue One considering that the film takes place between Episodes III and IV, putting its events right before the first movie of the original trilogy.

Star Wars: Rogue One hits theaters on December 16. Star Wars: Episode VIII opens in late 2017.

Photos: Doomhandle

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