Despite being considered one of the best action-adventure titles to hit the Xbox One and PC this year, Quantum Break has suffered from a few in-game glitches that have gotten in the way of many fan's gameplay.

Game developer Remedy Entertainment has announced that it will be rolling out patch designed to address issues with the game. These include fixes for crashes, sudden loss of game saves and unnecessary loading.

The latest patch for the Xbox One version of the Quantum Break can be downloaded starting on Thursday, April 28, while the PC version of the game fix is set to be made available by the end of the week.

According to the Quantum Break Community Manager on Reddit, Microsoft Studios and Remedy are aware of the issues affecting players who use the Windows 10 version of the game, and they are working hard to provide a fix for all these problems.

Some of the glitches fans encountered in the Xbox One version include certain in-game elements that were either missing or disappearing from scenes. The game also suffered from issues with its rendering, overlapping audio and even flickering environments.

Gamers also experienced having their game progress suddenly deleted by a bug after they have completed the game. Others noticed that Quantum Break also had too many pointless loading screens, which would sometimes stall the game.

The Xbox One patch is designed to address all of these problems, as well as issues with missing cloud saves.

Meanwhile, the PC version of Quantum Break suffered from several performance issues such as the lack of support for running the game at 60 frames per second and the absence of a quit button. Remedy has offered its apologies to PC gamers and promised to provide solutions for these concerns as soon as possible.

For now, here is a quick rundown of the game fixes that Remedy has provided for Quantum Break on Xbox One:

Act Fixes And Updates

Act 1 Part 1: Addressed issue with missing taxi from the intro sequence

Act 1 Part 2: Fixed disappearing assets whenever players try to backtrack

Act 1 Part 2: Fixed issue with parking lot guard not being able to be killed by players

Act 1 Part 3: Addressed issues with backtracking where some parts could unload

Act 1: Addressed issue with overlapping audio during opening sequence

Act 2 Part 1: Fixed pathing issues concerning Nick

Act 2 Part 1: Players can no longer go underneath the puzzle at the security station

Act 2 Part 2: Addressed rendering issues with first Chronon source

Act 2 Part 3: Included collision detection on time machine corridor to keep player characters from falling to their death

Act 2 Part 3: Addressed issues with backtracking where some parts of the game fail to unload

Act 2 Part 3: Addressed NPC bugs that allow Nick or Amy to block doors or inadvertently be killed

Junction 3: Fixed issue with Hatch not being visible whenever players choose to skip a future vision too quickly

Junction 4: Addressed issues with flickering surroundings outside of the office building

Act 5: Final subtitle no longer flashes too quickly for players to read

Act 5: Addressed issues with a missing line in the Portuguese audio during a cinematic

General Fixes And Updates

1. Addressed issue with disappearing ambient sounds whenever players hit buttons during a sequence

2. Removed loading screens that were unnecessary to the game

3. Updated the in-game credits

4. Fixed Jack's missing subtitles during certain cinematics

5. In-game world no longer unloads visibly during scene where Jack lets Beth and an NPC through the front door leading to the Swimming Pool

6. Addressed pathing issues with Amy in the train yard

7. Will Diary 1 and Will Diary 2 unlock descriptions have been rearranged

8. Addressed issues with blinking lights

9. Fixed issues with Xbox Live integration

10. Fixed the Remedy Entertainment logo

11. Removed bug that deletes game progress after players complete the game

12. Fixed issues with grainy image on certain TV screens

13. Addressed issue with circular progress bar found in the game's junction stats screen

14. Addressed issue that prevents video playback from ending properly if the video was synchronized with the game's audio

15. Fixed stalling issues during loading

16. Addressed issues involving cloud saves

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