Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break is now available on PC and Xbox One, and players are just now diving into the time-traveling story of Jack Joyce and the game's accompanying television show.

Those who pirate the game, however, may find that their version of Jack looks a little different than the one featured in trailers and screenshots of the game. Namely, players will find that their character is sporting an impossible-not-to-notice eyepatch, complete with the iconic skull and crossbones logo adorned on it.

The eyepatch was discovered by the folks over at Eurogamer, who found a post on the game's FAQ about an issue involving Jack "looking like a pirate." As it turns out, some players may receive the eyepatch by accident. Quantum Break is exclusive to the Windows Store on PC, and as such it appears if players log out of the Windows Store before launching the game Quantum Break can be tricked into believing a pirated copy is being played.

Remedy's fix for if you've got the pirate eyepatch by mistake? Reboot the game and eat a lot of vitamin C. Or just reboot the game.

More and more developers as of late have been having fun with those who try to play their games for free. Whether it's blocking certain content or putting in fun (and distracting) visual gags like this for those who illegally download games, having some way to point out pirates (and guilt-trip them) is becoming increasingly common. Remedy even used the pirate eyepatch in their previous game Alan Wake as well.

Speaking of Alan Wake, those who purchase Quantum Break on Xbox One will get a free digital copy of Remedy's previous game to boot. You can check out our full review of Quantum Break here. We enjoyed the game's story and combat, but found some of the technical aspects of the game to be more than a little inconsistent.

Be sure to check out our beginner's guide for the game as well to make sure you start Quantum Break off on the right foot.

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