Marvel may own the superhero box office, but DC is on the verge of taking over TV.

First Warner Bros. (owners of DC Comics) gave us "Arrow," The CW's brilliant, engrossing take on the Green Arrow legend. This fall season, they're adding the highly anticipated "Gotham" on Fox, "Constantine" on NBC (based on the "Hellblazer" comic), and "Arrow" spinoff "The Flash" on The CW. All three look pretty darn terrific. We also just found out a few days ago that a "Supergirl" series is under development as well, though there's no word yet on its potential network home.

Now, Deadline is reporting that cable outlet TNT (also owned by Warners) is about to order a pilot for "Titans," a live-action take on DC's "Teen Titans" comic. The pilot script was written by Akiva Goldsman ("A Beautiful Mind," "Fringe") and Marc Haimes, and is said to focus on Batman's former sidekick Dick Grayson (the first Robin, now Nightwing), who forms a group of young superheroes.

If done well, it could be fun. But any show starring teenagers donning superhero costumes and fighting crime could send the cheese meter off the scale.

Sweet Lord no. Just no.

Get this right, WB.

The long-running DC comic has been a revolving door of characters over the years, usually playing home to the teenage sidekicks of major heroes, such as Superboy, Kid Flash, Supergirl, Wonder Girl, Aqualad and many more. Aside from Nightwing, it's not known which other young heroes the TV series would feature, though the script includes roles for Raven and Starfire.

DC's come a very long way from just a few years ago, eh? Remember David E. Kelley's horrendous "Wonder Woman" revamp (with that hideous hooker-on-Halloween costume Adrianne Palicki was forced to wear)? That was a show no one wanted to see, yet now DC's about to have four shows on the air that appear to boast both quality and huge potential, with at least two more in the offing.

Would you watch "Titans"? More importantly, do you think a live-action series would undermine the animated "Teen Titans Go"?

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