Some pets are more playful than others and, without proper discipline from their families; our furry friends may think that everything is a game. That's what's happening in a home near Bristol.

A playful cat has been playing a dangerous game of "catch the postman's fingers when mail arrives" for the past few days and it has come to an extent that her humans have been informed that their mail deliveries will be suspended if they don't do something about the furry threat.

Matthew Sampson was shocked to receive a notice from Royal Mail telling him that his cat poses a serious threat to the postman because she snatches up the mail while he is pushing it in the slot and he sees it as aggressive behavior. Sampson was told that he should restrain the feline or else all mail deliveries to his address will be suspended.

Sampson denied that Bella is aggressive and that he did notice the postman's hesitance to deliver their mail but, while the postman is now seriously scared of getting his fingers bitten or scratched, little Bella has just been waiting for her playmate to return.

"We've noticed over the last couple of days that the postman is very hesitant at putting the letters in and Bella thinks it's a game that he's trying to play [...] I haven't seen her put her paws all the way through but I think it's fair what they're saying [...]" he explained.

He added that he does not wish to restrain his cat since she is actually very loving and friendly but that he understands the postman's fear.

"I'd never actually witnessed her attacking him and I am sorry if this was the case [...] we are actually moving soon, so in the meantime I will sort out an external delivery box," he added.

Photo: Frédérique Voisin-Demery | Flickr

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