The Android version of Google Photos is getting a "redesigned" search, customizable movies and some new functions, making the app more capable and a lot easier to use than ever before.

Straight off the bat, the improved search will now feature a dedicated bar that always stays at the top of the screen, dumping the old material design action button that was placed in the lower right corner.

To put that into perspective, that's one tap less to start searching, as users will no longer have to click on the action button and hit the search bar again to type in what to look for.

That's not all that's new, though, as the search page layout is getting a few tweaks as well. Google Photos will now categorize content by types, distributing each file under Screenshots, Selfies or whatnot.

Meanwhile, the auto-generated movies will now be fully customizable, from the photos, videos and music. That means users will not be slaves to the generic audio tunes of the app any longer. Long story short, Google is handing over more control to them with this development.

Last but not least, users now have the option to rename and delete their device folders too and even manage their photos on the microSD card to boot. To be exact, they will now be able to add new folders and copy and move photos on the external storage.

What's more, Google is not leaving iPhone owners out of the fun, saying it'll release the iOS version soon enough.

"These changes make Google Photos faster and easier to use than ever," Google says.

The update now bumps Google Photos to 1.19, and it's already available via the Play Store.

In related news, the previous update gave users the function to back up their photos manually, with this latest version coming in hot on its heels.

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