Google Photos already has more than 100 million monthly active users, despite only being 10 months old.

Its success can be partly attributed to the growing list of features for the young photo management app, including the recent addition of support for Live Photos on the iOS version of the app.

Now, the latest addition to the features of Google Photos will be helpful for users who find themselves unable to pick out the best pictures of an event or a weekend trip for an album.

According to an announcement posted on the official Google blog, Google Photos will automatically be suggesting new albums to users after going to an event or finishing a trip. The app will be choosing the best pictures that will be included in the new albums, and will also add maps to show the route that the user took while taking the pictures.

In addition, Google Photos will add location pins to the attached maps, so that it would be easy for users to remember where they took certain pictures.

The suggestions will be provided by the service's Assistant, which functions as a digital helper for Google Photos users. The Assistant helps the user in managing photos, it is able to create GIFs and collages and suggests edits and improvements that can be made to uploaded pictures.

Users will be able to add text captions to the albums that Google Photos will create, and activate collaboration features so that other people can add the pictures they took into the album.

How exactly will Google Photos pick out the best pictures though? According to Francois de Halleux, product manager for Google Photos, the app utilizes machine learning in detecting the elements that make up a good picture, as well as in determining which pictures are duplicates of another.

Google Photos is also capable of detecting about 255,000 landmarks, so it will be able to recognize the location where the image was taken even with location services and geotagging deactivated.

In addition to the smarter photo albums, Google Photos will also now allow users to add maps, location pins and text to all previous albums created on the service.

The feature has rolled out to Google Photos for iOS, Android and the Web, so users who have plans to go on a trip soon could take advantage of the convenience that smarter photo albums will bring to them.

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