In the latest Letter from the Producer livestream, Square Enix revealed that a crossover will occur between Final Fantasy XIV and Yo-Kai Watch, with content from each game to appear in the other.

The collaboration was also posted by Matt Hilton, the assistant director of community for Square Enix, at the official forums of Final Fantasy XIV.

In the forum post, Hilton wrote that the crossover will see 13 special weapons resembling 13 yo-kai, the creatures in the world of Yo-Kai Watch, coming to Final Fantasy XIV. There will be one special weapon coming to each of the 13 classes of Final Fantasy XIV.

In addition to the weapons, a new Whisper mount will also be introduced, along with new minions with a Yo-Kai Watch theme that can be collected by gamers. The minions will be easy to acquire, but getting the weapons will prove to be a challenge, according to Hilton.

Final Fantasy XIV content, on the other hand, will be coming to the Yo-Kai Watch universe through the upcoming Yo-Kai Watch 3, which is set to be launched in Japan in July. Two new characters in the game, named Chocobonyan and Mooglinyan, are inspired by the Chocobo and Moogle characters of the Final Fantasy franchise.

The launch of the Yo-Kai Watch content in Final Fantasy XIV, which is currently available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC, is planned to take place in the summer to coincide with the Japanese release of Yo-Kai Watch 3.

Yo-Kai Watch made its western debut in late 2015, with the game released for Nintendo 3DS. The title has not yet made a splash in the overseas market, but it has found massive success in its home country of Japan.

There has so far been no indication that the crossover items and characters will be coming to the western versions of the titles.

Reviews for Yo-Kai Watch for Nintendo 3DS were generally positive, with the franchise being given the tag of being the next Pokemon.

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