The Dell-EMC conglomeration now features a new name: Dell Technologies.

Michael Dell, the company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, revealed this brand-new name at EMC World in Las Vegas on May 2.

Under Dell Technologies, the enterprise infrastructure division will be tagged Dell EMC while the firm's client business, which include the PCs, will still bear the name Dell, according to company's boss, as reported by IDG News Service.

Dell went on to say that Dell Technologies will sell everything from edge devices down to cloud infrastructure and core data centers. He believes that this company's strategy is a boon to firms that are in the hunt for a partner that has the capacity to do everything so they can focus more on growing their business.

Dell Technologies will cover VMWare, two security firms RSA and SecureWorks, Virtustream and Pivotal, along with all that encompasses Dell today.

For those who aren't familiar with the Dell-EMC deal yet, Dell announced in October that it was purchasing EMC for a whopping $67 billion, deemed as the biggest technology acquisition thus far. A report from TechCrunch says this deal covers a mountain of debt, roughly around $40 through $50 billion.

"[I]t will likely require selling off pieces of both companies to pay the deal," says TechCrunch.

It is worth mentioning that this deal is not official yet. It still requires regulatory along with shareholder approvals. However, it is believed to close later this year. Dell said the acquisition is on track under the original timeline and terms.

Prior to Dell's announcement on May 2, Fortune pushed out a report detailing what Dell would say at EMC World.

It likewise reports that Dell has already received regulatory approval in some key markets, which include Europe and the United States. China, it says, is "notably missing" to date.

Last month, the company already filed a third amended proxy statement. As soon as this is approved by the SEC, this will "pave the way for an EMC shareholder vote."

Previous rumor has it that the shareholder vote is going to take place in May. Fortune, however, thinks June is "more likely."

Joe Tucci, EMC's Chairman and CEO, in the meantime, also gave a talk during the conference, in which he received a standing ovation.

"We have to rediscover the art of writing software," he said. "That's going to take IT to new heights, and you'll see IT budgets go up significantly."

Tucci has been EMC's CEO since 2001.

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