Ride-sharing service Uber has been one of the major supporters of Google Wallet, Google's first version of its mobile payments, but it is also now moving on. As such, Uber is making the switch to Android Pay, dropping Google Wallet Support on May 9.

Google Wallet has been refocused as a peer-to-peer payments app, with an update announced late last year allowing users to send money to any of their contacts simply through their phone numbers.

Android Pay has taken over as Google's mobile payment service, but it is also capable of handling online and in-app payments that Google Wallet once managed - the reason that Uber is tapping its services.

Uber has sent out e-mails to its customers to remind them of the official discontinuing of the Google Wallet on the said date. For Uber users still using the service, they will have to switch to using Android Pay or will have to manually enter credit card information into the Uber app.

Once Android Pay is set up in the Uber app, users can pay for their Uber rides by tapping on the Android Pay button and then choosing among the enrolled credit cards on their list.

With less than a week to go, Uber users still using Google Wallet should take time soon to make the necessary adjustments to save themselves from any inconveniences once Google Wallet support is dropped.

Google launched Android Pay in the United States in September of last year, placing it in competition with Apple's mobile payment system, Apple Pay.

Android Pay works with all Android devices with NFC technology and running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher.

At launch, Android Pay worked as a payment option in more than 1 million locations across the country, with the service supporting credit cards and debit cards from all four major payment networks in the United States.

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