Karl Urban Confirms: 'Dredd' TV Series May Be Coming To Netflix Or Amazon


Fans have been clamoring for years to get a sequel to Dredd, starring Karl Urban made. But even with a cult following, the reality is with such poor box office numbers, Lionsgate, the studio that made the movie, just didn't think it would be profitable to put Urban back as the masked Judge and Executioner of Mega-City One.

However, even the star has been wanting to revisit the role. He has even encouraged fans to petition to get a Dredd sequel made. Finally, years of making a Dredd-ful noise may finally pay off.

On Twitter, Urban has revealed that a television series about Judge Dredd is definitely in the conversation.

Tweeting from one of the biggest comic book and sci-fi conventions in the world, the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in Canada, Urban said that he's ready to go all in on a Dredd project, and it may become a streaming series on either Netflix or Amazon.

The tweet was followed up by Christopher Edwards, who reported that when Urban was questioned about a Dredd project during a panel he was part of, Urban confirmed that "conversations are happening."

Other Dredd-heads in the Twitterverse were quick to retweet the news and let out their full 140-character support to see Urban don the metal helmet again.

The Bring Back Dredd campaign has been ongoing for years to show how much fans and even publishers want to see Dredd delivering justice on screen again.

Both Netflix and Amazon have yet to comment on what exactly those conversations concerning Dredd have included. But one thing's for sure, this is the first real step to bringing us closer to seeing judge, jury and executioner Dredd back in action.

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