Manage Your Music In The Shower With The Homewerks Bluetooth Showerhead


Chicago-based Homewerks Worldwide, the residential plumbing and HVAC supplier, announced on May 2 that it has released a new showerhead to make showering a more pleasurable experience. The Home NetWerks Bluetooth Showerhead and Stereo Speaker, priced at $70, acts as a music player with controls that allow for volume and song management while showering.

"We are always looking for ways to help our consumers enhance their daily routines and make life more enjoyable," said Peter Berkman, president of Homewerks Worldwide. "Our new Bluetooth showerhead was designed to make music streaming even more effortless so consumers can make their showering experience more enjoyable any time of day."

Those who are tired of flawed shower radios may want to look into the showerhead. It has two waterproof speakers, and it can provide up to eight hours of continuous sound. It's completely wireless, and the speakers can be docked behind the showerhead — no interference with water flow.

For those who want to upgrade their entire showering experience, don't worry — the showerhead delivers with five different spray functions. It also has a six-inch diameter face, as well as self-cleaning nozzles.

The showerhead is just one part of the Home NetWerks smart bathroom product line from Homewerks. Similar to the showerhead, the Bluetooth Bath Fan can connect to mobile devices and stream music from overhead. If that's not enough, the company is also marketing a Bluetooth Medicine Cabinet. It comes with three heavy duty shelves that can be adjusted for storage needs. As its name states, it also has Bluetooth capabilities, and speakers emit sound from any connected device. The manufacturer claims that no hard wiring is necessary for the installation of the product.

Homewerks is just one of many companies focused on the smart bathroom product industry. There are a number of Bluetooth showerheads on the market, for instance, but it isn't all about improving the shower these days. Toto, the toilet manufacturer, has been focused on delivering high-end toilets to the rich and famous. Its washlet — the alternative to the modern-day toilet — has been making headlines for its bidet-style cleanser, reducing the need for toilet paper.

With everything from waterproof televisions to towel-warming drawers available for the bathroom, it may soon become one of the most treasured rooms in the home.

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