In an effort to cater to frustrated Gmail users who are seeking an alternative to their iPhone's Mail app, Email by EasilyDo has been launched. Available in the Apple App Store, Email is designed to make everything from unsubscribing to unsending a cinch.

Although it's only available for iOS at the moment, Email's website specifies that an Android version is in the works. For now, it can support Gmail accounts seamlessly, as well as other third-party email clients (with the exception of Exchange and POP). 

Upon opening Email, one thing is clear — speed is the name of the game. Its quick syncing capabilities are immediately obvious. Additionally, its features are just as fast and easy to execute. Take its unsubscribe feature, for instance. With one click, you can simply unsubscribe to any newsletter or mailing list you didn't ask to be added to — no hunting around for an "unsubscribe" link in tiny font.

Email's search function deserves praise, too. Its creators claimed it was built "from the ground up," just for email. Users can search by contact or keyword through multiple inboxes simultaneously. It's also possible to filter all of these results according to sent and received messages. 

"You need a mail app that can keep up and get you to what you want in a flash," Email writes on its website. "No more tapping messages and waiting."

Of course, organization is a major component of Email. With categories such as "Travel" and "Bills and Receipts," users can keep their inboxes neat and tidy. 

Email has some of the standards found on existing apps, too, like the Gmail app for Android. For example, users can choose what options they want to see when they swipe left or right. Similar to Gmail for Desktop, users can also choose to unsend messages when they're sent prematurely. 

As of May 5, Email has almost a five-star rating in the App Store. While it hasn't become as mainstream just yet, the app shows much promise. EasilyDo originally released Email on April 27 in the App Store, and it promises to release support for Exchange by the end of summer 2016.

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