Apple fans now have a designated address to go to if they wish to check out rare Apple devices and Steve Jobs' memorabilia. The Apple Museum in Prague, in the Czech Republic, is home to some rare Apple souvenirs from eight private collectors, who wish to remain anonymous.

The museum became a reality when a historic building located at the turn of Husova and Karla Streets became available. The building was renovated and 12,000 meters (7.5 miles) of PC cable were added to house the Apple Museum.

The memorabilia in the Apple Museum date from 1976 to 2012. Apple fans will be delighted to learn that the artifacts on display include pretty much every printer, joystick, mouse and PC, as well as software representations, from the said period.

While fans may be disappointed to learn that Apple Lisa 1 is missing from the display, because it got damaged during shipping. However, they can feast their eyes on the Lisa 2 instead.

"The collection tells the story and it's clear when you walk through. It's funny to see Steve Jobs when he was 17. There's a picture of him on a motorcycle. You see the Apple II, the Lisa, and then you can clearly see when Jobs left and design kind of stopped," says Lukáš Hrudička, a curator for the museum.

According to the curator, the most popular installations in the museum are the two long tables which showcase how the iPod and iPhone have evolved over time.

Another eye-catching display in the museum is that of Steve Jobs' introduction of the first-ever iPad. This area shows the black chair on which the Apple CEO sat. Atop the chair is the iPad as well as the clothes worn by Jobs - a pair of jeans, running shoes and black turtleneck. On a nearby wall, one can espy the jacket he wore for his first-ever keynote.

Fans can also see high school yearbooks that show him with Steve Wozniak, the co-founder, as well Pixar and NeXT items which are representative of the former's Apple exile. Interesting and rare artifacts, such as a custom anniversary edition of an iMac with Boze sound system, as well as a leather case which belonged to Jony Ive, Apple's design guru, are also on display.

The museum even has a vegan café, which has a menu that follows Jobs' diet, as well as a space for kids. The Apple Museum will also be hosting a Pop Art gallery in its basement.

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