Fan Builds Working Captain America Shield Using Electromagnets


Maybe Spider-Man was right when he says that Captain America's shield "doesn't obey the laws of physics at all" in Captain America: Civil War.

But that didn't stop a team of Captain America fans from recreating that shield using an arm brace and electromagnets. And that real-world fan-made shield seems to defy the laws of physics, much like the one Chris Evans casually tosses around in the Captain America movies.

This isn't the first replica ever made of Cap's shield, but most usually don't do much of anything, although engineer Allen Pan did attach the shield to a drone in a recent experiment to give it movement similar to its on-screen counterpart.

The Hacksmith, though, wanted to create a shield that could easily retrieve itself (although reality and science still keeps it from being quite as impressive as the one seen in the movies).

For comparison, here's how the shield behaves in the movies:

This fan-made shield ended up weighing around 30 pounds, thanks to the aluminum shield itself plus the magnets and batteries attached to it required to make it work. To hold it, the Hacksmith created a heavily padded arm brace. Thanks to the shield's tech, though, its electromagnets are so strong that each could lift up to 1,600 pounds.

In the real world, though, the Hacksmith does explain in the video that even these powerful electromagnets probably still do not have enough power to do what the shield does in the movie. Considering that the fan-made shield isn't finished yet, though, it's still impressive: it can bounce off of walls and return to its designated wearer - the person wearing the special glove.

To keep up with the production of the shield, Captain America fans can subscribe to the Hacksmith's YouTube channel. The team also has videos showing how they created a cool super-strong exoskeleton, as well as tutorials on how to build working batarangs and Batman's grappling hook. The team is also working on building a flying Iron Man suit.

Meanwhile, Captain America is slinging his shield around in Captain America: Civil War, which is in theaters now.

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