WhatsApp Will Reportedly Get Video Call, New Features Soon?


Last week, a report revealed that the highly anticipated video calling feature for Facebook's WhatsApp could be coming in the next update. Screenshots of a beta version for WhatsApp on the iOS show a video call button in the top right corner of chat windows, beside the voice call button.

Adding fuel to the rumor is a new report by Android Police, which claimed that in addition to video calling, several other features are coming to WhatsApp in the next update.

According to Android Police, users who provide assistance in translations for WhatsApp have received strings such as "Video call" and "Video calling is unavailable at this time," which means that the app is preparing to roll out these phrases into different languages.

The second string has appeared in one of the screenshots taken from the beta of the next WhatsApp version, as the feature can be accessed through some devices but cannot be used just yet.

These new pieces of information, coupled with the other apparent confirmations, signal that video calling is indeed coming soon to WhatsApp. However, it is not yet known whether the feature will be already widely available upon the release of the next update or if it will still be under testing.

The report added that other translation strings include hints of a new feature to send group invites through links embedded in NFC tags. The feature would make it easier for communities and businesses to have users join a particular group, as instead of having to invite members one by one, users can scan NFC tags and QR codes.

Other new features said to be coming to the popular messaging platform are callbacks, voicemails and ZIP file attachments. The callback feature, which will display a Call Back button in the event of a missed call, will come to both iOS and Android devices, while the voicemail feature, which will record and send voice conversations, will only be for the iOS version.

The addition of ZIP files as a supported file type for attachments will allow users to save on data charges, as ZIP files come with compression capabilities.

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