Nintendo is finally dropping new details about Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, including what new Pokémon players will be able to choose at the start of their next adventure.

The three brand-new Pokémon are Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. You can watch them in action in the trailer at the bottom of the post. The official Pokémon Twitter account has also been revealing additional information about each starter Pokémon. Read on for more!

First up is Litten, a fire cat Pokémon. Litten can shoot flaming hairballs, which sounds both painful and amazing.

Rowlet is a grass/flying owl. Its feathers partly comprise razor-sharp leaves that it can use to attack with.

Last but not least is Popplio, a water-type sea lion Pokémon that "turns water balloons into a powerful strategy." Whatever that means.

Obviously Litten is the best choice here. Number one, Litten is a kitten. Kittens are adorable. Number two, Litten looks grumpy. Grumpy cats are also adorable. Number three, Litten shoots flaming fireballs, and will probably evolve into some kind of fire/dark type Pokémon. That's awesome. I mean, just look at Rowlet and Popplio. Those two have nothing on Litten. Check out the images below for more information on each (and for why Litten is far superior).

In addition to revealing the starter Pokémon people will have to choose come the game's release on Nov. 18, Nintendo also revealed the game's new setting. In grand Pokémon tradition, these new games will take place in a fictionalized version of a real-world location. This time around it will be the Pokémon version of Hawaii, a region called "Alola." You can clearly see the Hawaiian theme in the trailer below.

Fans also got a look at the box art for the two new games, revealing the two legendary Pokémon players will eventually be able to tame.

It's a great day for Pokémon fans. Be sure to check out the official Pokémon site for more information, and no doubt we'll be hearing much more about Pokémon Sun and Moon soon.

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