Search warrant had identified a doctor who prescribed drugs to late artist Prince prior to the day of his death.

Court records revealed that the doctor named Michael Todd Schulenberg went to see Prince twice in April. The first meeting was on April 7, where he prescribed drugs to the singer. Prince was supposed to fill the prescription at Walgreens, but the warrant did not state whether or not the singer did.

The second meeting was on April 20 — the day before Prince's death — where Schulenberg also prescribed medications.

Schulenberg was also found at Prince's Paisley Park compound on the day of his death to deliver test findings. However, the warrant did not specify whether the doctor was present right when Prince was discovered dead or only after the investigators had arrived.

The search warrant for the singer's medical records was filed on April 27 but was put into action on May 5. It was executed at the North Memorial Medical Center, where Schulenberg used to work.

The warrant did not state details about the prescription pain drugs that Prince was reportedly taking or if he received treatment for opioid dependency.

Prince's Ups And Downs

Prior to his death, Prince was reported to have fainted in a private plane. The flight had to take an emergency landing in western Illinois, where he was treated for opioid overdose.

In either 2014 or 2015, Prince was also admitted to the hospital, where he received fluid therapy. This information was given by his friend Kirk Johnson and was stated in the search warrant.

Up until now, the exact cause of Prince's death has not yet been determined. Authorities have declined to give out details about the ongoing investigations or even timelines of progress.

"That shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that these records were examined," says Carver County Chief Deputy Jason Kamerud when asked about the inclusions in the search warrant.

Kamerud closes by saying that their investigations are still ongoing.

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