Fans of Grammy-winning performer Prince Rogers Nelson, more commonly known as Prince, were devastated with the news of his sudden death on April 21 and television network and programs were quick to come out with special tributes for the pop music icon.

NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL) was one of those shows lucky enough to have Prince come on stage to perform as a musical guest. Of course, video clips of his performances were played but, during the special episode that served as a tribute to the singer, host Jimmy Fallon showed a clip of SNL's 40th Anniversary afterparty where Prince did an impromptu performance.

The video clip was filmed by SNL alumnus Tim Kazurinsky who, according to his YouTube page, was standing on his tiptoes in order to record the legendary impromptu performance.

Fallon recounted that it was already past 4 AM but the SNL anniversary afterparty at the Plaza Hotel in New York City was still in full swing and the stage had been turned into an open mic where singers and celebrity guests alike would come up to perform. Fallon heard that Prince was present at the party so he called out to the singer for an impromptu performance and he obliged.

"All of the sudden the crowd parted. I mean, everyone was there-Jay Z, Beyonce...they part the way for this guy that's how awesome he is." Fallon recounted.

"Dearly inebriated!" Prince said in the video before he began his performance of "Let's Go Crazy."

Just like his song's title suggested, all the guests went crazy, though mostly because they were all excited to see him perform on stage. Maya Rudolph seemed to be the most excited as soon as she heard Prince speak and she stayed on the stage to sing alongside the pop icon in some parts of the song.

Even Fallon and Chris Rock took over the other microphone on the stage at some point in the performance and Emma Stone, who stayed by the side of the stage, went crazy with the tambourine.

Watch the video below.

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