Florida-based Stemtech International, the health and wellness technology developer, announced on May 10 that it has developed a new cell phone filter geared toward protecting users from exposure to radiation. The ECO-division D-FUZE was created in partnership with Yury Kronn, a Russian scientist and inventor.

The D-FUZE filter uses Stemtech's Vital Force Technology, which purports to "diffuse" electro-magnetic frequencies away from the body. D-FUZE is composed of a micro-thin disc that Stemtech says neutralizes the elements. It can be adhered to the back of any phone.

"With the new D-FUZE, consumers will now have a real, lasting solution to help protect against cell phone radiation," said Kronn.

The filter took 12 years to fully develop. Stemtech claims that it has been Specific Absorption Rate tested and approved, and has been certified by a government-sanctioned laboratory. SAR is a standard set by worldwide governments to measure cell phone radio-frequency energy.

Stemtech's Vital Force Technology has been tested through brain mapping, which shows that it can counteract the brain's adverse electrical activity generated by cell phone radiation. 

"Our innovative D-FUZE technology protects the body from outside toxins," said Stemtech President and CEO Ray Carter Jr. "Our commitment and passion to spreading wellness, innovation and prosperity around the world continues to give us the focus to develop groundbreaking health products to improve quality of life."

However, the verdict is still out on whether cell phones are significantly responsible for brain-related health conditions. John Boice Jr., president of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, recently told Consumer Reports that he hasn't found any evidence of an increased risk of brain tumors or other cancers stemming from this radiation.

Additionally, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said that most studies do not link certain health problems and exposure to radiofrequency fields via cell phone use. However, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer stated that radiofrequency fields could be "possibly carcinogenic" to humans in 2011. Coffee and talc-based body powder have also received this ranking from WHO.

A single D-FUZE filter is being sold by Stemtech for $30 ($25 wholesale), and a pack of five can be purchased for $100.

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