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Scientists Use Radiation And Bacteria To Wipe Out Invasive Asian Tiger Mosquitoes In China

Sterile female mosquitoes and infertile male mosquitoes will not produce any offspring. This new sterile insect technique was successfully used to drastically reduce the female population of disease-carrying mosquitoes in Guangzhou, China.

Medicine July 18, 2019

NASA Takes Radiation Shielding In Spacecraft Very Seriously: Here's How They Do It

Before a spacecraft gets launched into outer space, it goes through several testing. At the Goddard Spaceflight Center in Maryland, spacecraft are subjected to levels of radiation it will encounter throughout its mission.

Space June 13, 2019

Woman Discovers Tie-dye Rash All Over Her Body Was Rare Sign Of Anal Cancer

A Kansas woman suffered from a distinct type of rash all over her body for 11 months. Little did she know that it was already a rare sign of anal cancer.

Public Health April 12, 2019

Cancer Patient's Dead Body Leaves Radioactive Materials In Arizona Crematory

The body of a cancer patient who had radiation treatment was cremated in a crematory in Arizona, contaminating the vacuum filter, oven, and bone crusher with radioactive materials. The man received lutetium-177 dotatate prior to his death.

Public Health February 26, 2019

Early Detection Of Breast Cancer Could Possibly Be Determined By Exhaling Breath And Urine Analysis, Study Says

A new study suggests that nose gas sensors could detect breast cancer by collecting breath and urine samples. Research proved that the method's ability to determine the cancer cells are accurate.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 27, 2018

Gene Therapy Could Be Key To Survival Of Astronauts In Deep Space Mission To Mars

High-dose radiation in space could be deadly for astronauts on a mission to planet Mars. What are ways through which gene therapy can increase their odds for survival?

Space April 8, 2018

Male Rats Exposed To Cell Phone Radiation Develop Cancer, Says Study

In a new study, male and female rats were exposed to high cellphone radiation, the finding of which showed male rats can develop cancer. However, the study found female rats didn't get cancer.

Animals February 7, 2018

California Wants You To Stay Away From Your Cellphone Due To Health Risks

The California Department of Public Health warned people against long-term cellphone exposure and issued new guidance on how to avoid the negative health effects. Will you stay away from your mobile phone?

Public Health December 17, 2017

The Price Astronauts Have To Pay For The Mars Mission? Cancer, New Study Warns

A new study has found that the risk of cancer doubles for long-term missions outside Earth's magnetic field. Cancer and the other risks of cosmic ray exposure are among the leading concerns on the planned human Mars mission.

Space June 6, 2017

Humanity Has Accidentally Created A 'Bubble' Around Earth That Is Protecting The Planet From Radiation [video]

For once, humanity's impact on the environment might actually be helping the planet. NASA has discovered that very low-frequency transmissions have created a barrier around Earth, protecting it from harmful radiation.

Space May 19, 2017

Not Just Radiation: Other Ways Planet Mars Could Kill Human Explorers

A Mars mission in the 2030s won't come easy and risk-free for NASA. Here are some ways human explorers to the Red Planet could die, including the problem of space radiation.

Space May 12, 2017

Scientific Breakthrough Could Lead To Development Of Drug That Fights Off Aging And Radiation Damage

Science has always been keen on reversing the aging process. Researchers may have finally found the key in human DNA that could speed up the development of anti-aging drugs.

Medicine March 26, 2017

Study Says It's Safe To Return To Some Areas In Fukushima 6 Years After Nuclear Disaster

Six years after the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster, a study assures residents of Date City in Fukushima that they do not have to worry about dangerous radiation levels. How safe is the median lifetime radiation dose in the most contaminated part of the city?

Earth/Environment March 13, 2017

Radiation Levels Soaring At Fukushima Nuclear Plant Since 2011 Meltdown

Radiation levels at Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant have reached the highest since the 2011 meltdown. Nearly 530 sieverts of radiation in an hour have been measured near the second reactor in the nuclear plant.

Earth/Environment February 4, 2017

Metal Alloy That Can Catalyze Planetary Studies Discovered

In a rare boost to the study of Earth's magnetic forces, researchers at Yale University have developed a viscous material made of indium and gallium alloy that generates high magnetic fields when it flows.

Material Science February 3, 2017

Japan Launches ERG Satellite To Study Earth's Radiation Belt

Japan has successfully launched its ERG satellite specially designed to monitor activity in the Earth's Van Allen radiation belts. Researchers hope the probe will help them find out more about various particles, such as fast-moving electrons, in the region.

Space December 21, 2016

Radiation From Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Detected On US Shores: Should You Worry?

The seaborne radiation from Fukushima has reached U.S. shores. Cesium-134 was detected in samples of seawater taken from Oregon - is there reason for Americans to panic?

Earth/Environment December 10, 2016

Mars Mission: Astronauts Going To Red Planet Face Dementia, Brain Damage Risks

Astronauts who will take part in NASA's manned Mars mission will be exposed to galactic cosmic rays during their trip to the Red Planet. This can cause dementia and long-term brain damage.

Space October 11, 2016

Water Bears Can Survive Radiation: Protective Protein Shields DNA Of Earth's Hardiest Animal

A protective protein called Dsup appears to protect the DNA of water bears from extreme conditions. Also known as tardigrades, these aquatic animals can survive intense temperatures and deadly levels of radiation.

Animals September 21, 2016

Health Effects Of Atomic Bombs Dropped In Hiroshima And Nagasaki In Japan Not As Bad As Feared

The long-term health effects of exposure to atomic bomb radiation on survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not as severe as once thought. Radiation-associated mutations were neither found in the survivors’ children.

Public Health August 12, 2016

New Rat Study Ignites Debate Over Link Between Cell Phone Use And Cancer

Do cell phones cause cancer? A new report by a federal agency finds a link between cell phone radiation and cancer in rats. However, some experts remain skeptical.

Public Health May 28, 2016

Stemtech’s New Cell Phone Filter Can ‘Diffuse’ Cell Phone Radiation

A new cell phone filter protects against radiation.

Gadgets May 11, 2016

Radioactive Metal Reaching Planet Earth May Come From Nearby Supernova Explosion

New data showed that cosmic rays hailed from nearby clusters of massive stars, where a supernova explosion occurs every few million years. The radioactive debris bolstered beliefs that these explosions must not have been too distant or too long ago.

Space April 25, 2016

Hot Super-Earths: Cooked Planets Lose Atmosphere Due To Radiation From Host Stars

The atmospheres of hot super-Earths are being stripped off by nearby host stars, a new study has found. The so-called 'cooked planets' are hounded by radiation, causing them to lose their outer gaseous layer.

Space April 12, 2016

New Blood Test For Concussion May Help Reduce Need For Radiation-Exposing Scans

A simple blood test can detect concussion even in patients who suffer delayed symptoms. The new method looks at the levels of a specific biomarker - an acidic protein - that is released during head injury.

Life March 29, 2016

Greenpeace: Governments Reducing Radiation Protection In Areas Contaminated By Fukushima And Chernobyl

A new report by the environmental group Greenpeace reveals that residents living in areas affected by the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters continue to suffer from the adverse effects of radioactive contamination. Researchers found that considerable amounts of contaminants linger in areas such as forests.

Life March 9, 2016

Wi-Fi Devices Cause Cancer? What Alarmists And Experts Think

ABC's flagship science program 'Catalyst' has drawn criticism from members of the scientific community in Australia. The controversy stems from an episode of the show titled 'Wi-Fried?' that featured the opinions of some health and radiation experts that suggested that the use of Wi-Fi devices can cause cancer.

Life February 19, 2016

Low-Level Radiation From X-Rays And CT Scans Does Not Cause Cancer

In the past, it is well-known that imaging procedures can cause cancer because of radiation. Now, researchers debunked the widespread and old belief about medical imaging.

Life February 5, 2016

Some Heart Tests Expose US Patients To Excessive Doses Of Radiation

U.S. patients with heart disease are more likely to be exposed to radiation than any other patients in the world. In a new study, experts found that most American labs do not comply with radiation dose recommendations for heart tests.

Life December 29, 2015

Higher Levels Of Radiation From 2011 Japan Nuclear Accident Detected Offshore

New investigations showed higher levels of radiation off Fukushima after the 2011 nuclear accident in Japan. One researcher said the new data confirms that radioactive materials are still being released from plants even today.

Earth/Environment December 6, 2015

Geomagnetic Field Of Earth Getting Weaker But Not Flipping Within Human Lifetime

The planet’s magnetic field won’t flip anytime soon. Researchers found that the intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field five million years ago was just 60 percent of its strength today.

Animals November 26, 2015

Radiation Superflares Leave Most Earth-Like Planet Too Radioactive For Life

Massive radiation could have led Earth's closest exoplanet, Kepler-438b, uninhabitable. Superflares from its parent Red Dwarf star, Kepler-438, could be destroying the planet's atmosphere.

Space November 18, 2015

Scientists Zap Breast Cancer With Super-Strength 'GammaPod'

New and innovative technology would use radiation beams to target tumors and leave healthy tissue intact.

Life October 20, 2015

Abandoned Chernobyl Zone Becomes Haven For Wildlife But Radiation May Still Affect Individual Animals

The Chernobyl disaster zone is teeming with wildlife but this does not mean that the area is no longer dangerous. Exposure to radiation may still have an effect on individual animals.

Earth/Environment October 13, 2015

Baby In Egypt Born With Only One Eye And No Nose After Being Exposed To Radiation

A boy in the Egyptian town of El Senbellawein was born with a rare birth defect known as cyclopia, which is characterized by physical deformities such as a single eye in the middle of the forehead. The condition received its name from the one-eyed creature of Greek mythology known as the Cyclops.

Life October 8, 2015

Humans Are Worse For Forest Animals Than Nuclear Fallout

In the area around Chernobyl, 29 years after the nuclear disaster, animal populations are thriving.

Earth/Environment October 6, 2015

Shorter Course Of Radiation Therapy Results To Better Quality Of Life In Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients

Researchers found that shorter course of radiation therapy may provide lesser side effects for early stage breast cancer patients compared to the long-term treatments. Although the shorter therapy requires higher radiation doses, the experts found that this option may result in better quality of life.

Life August 8, 2015

CT Scans Can Cause Cellular Damage Says Study

Researchers have uncovered that CT scans can cause cellular damage, saying that it will be in a patient's best interest if their doctor explored dose reduction strategies.

Life July 25, 2015

Survey Finds Many Patients Unaware Of Risks From Medical Scans They Undergo

Many patients are ignorant of the radiation risks inherent in certain types of medical scan tests, a survey finds. Patients should be made more aware of such risks, medical professionals say.

Life April 30, 2015

UV Harm To Skin Continues Hours After Sun Exposure: Melanin Your Best Friend? Think Again

UV radiation does not just inflict damage during exposure to sunlight and tanning beds. The DNA damaging effects can still occur up to four hours after exposure.

Life February 20, 2015

Drinking Coffee Lowers Your Risk of Malignant Melanoma, Says Study

A cup of joe in the morning may help you keep skin cancer away.

Life January 21, 2015

U.S. Lawmakers Want to Know More About Low-Dose Radiation, Draft Bill for Further Research

Low-dose radiation will be studies by the Department of Energy, to determine health risks to Americans. What brought about this new study?

Earth/Environment January 13, 2015

Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy Longer than Needed

Many breast cancer patients still receive longer radiation therapy despite that the shorter hypofractionated whole breast radiation is as effective and costs lesser. An expert explained why.

Life December 11, 2014

Star Trek-Like Invisible Shield is Saving Earth from Destruction: Here's How

Van Allen belts surrounding the Earth are hiding an invisible barrier, saving the planet from high-energy electrons. How was this found?

Animals November 28, 2014

Astronomers discover lightning flashes from a black hole

An international team of astronomers recently discovered the first radiation 'lightning' from a black hole over 200 million light-years away from Earth, and thanks to modern telescopes, understand what creates it.

Geek November 11, 2014

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