Nest Diving Deeper Into IoT With Open-Source OpenThread Network Protocol


Nest recently rolled out its OpenThread code in open-source form, enabling more developers to engage the home automation network technology.

The Thread Group was founded in 2014,meant to be a unifying standard to connect smart devices with their respective apps, by ARM, Haiku Home (formerly Big Ass Fans), Nest, NXP (formerly Freescale), Samsung, Silicon Labs, and Yale. Qualcomm joined the Thread Group Board of Directors in July 2015.  

In 2014, the companies pooled their resources together to invent an alternative to commonplace connectivity such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Everything from smoke alarms to thermostats can now be controlled and connected via OpenThread.

The Internet of Things sector can make the most out of technologies such as Thread going open-source. Big names in the industry, such as Amazon, should rip the benefits as well. By having multiple device integration made easy for coders, AI voice assistants such as Amazon's Echo could see an increase in functionality.

Developers may download the OpenThread code from GitHub.

Devices that are created on OpenThread receive a certification from the Thread Group, meaning extended access for developers to the network and cloud. This should keep coders from wasting time creating parallel networks by simply tapping into the existing one.

"Thread makes it possible for devices to simply, securely, and reliably connect to each other and to the cloud," says Greg Hu, Nest's leader of platform and Works with Nest program.

It should be noted that the simple use of OpenThread is not a guarantee that the gadgets will be Nest-compatible. Coders who want that level of integration must enter the Works with Nest program, which ensure all goes well between various hardware.

Nest used to be a market leader in the smart home niche, but the last period showed a deceleration in the company's oomph. One reason for it could be the relatively small number of services Nest offers. The success of the Amazon Echo showcases the promise of having multiple service integration in a smart home device, and Nest could take a leaf out of that book with OpenThread.

So far, Nest and Echo have been programmed to play nice, allowing Alexa to fix up the room temperature by controlling the thermostat.

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