Docker, which was launched in March 2013, works as an open platform for building, shipping and running distributed applications. The company is into software development that enables easier running of programs on various computers and networks.

Docker uses a technology that allows programmers to work on complex software bits and transport them between networks and computers without rewriting or converting the software code. Ben Golub, the company's chief executive officer, likens Docker into a shipping container for code. A type of company which introduces an emerging new technology aptly called "containerization."

Docker is a builder of delivery container for the modern app. In the past, most applications were monolithic and were contained on a single server. Now, applications are usually made up of a multitude of components which are normally spread across a number of servers that regularly changes. These Docker containers, so called because they keep the contents of the application, are created in order to help developers in building, running and shipping the applications.

"Docker is the definitive open platform to build, ship and run distributed applications. It has been a wild ride to get where we are today; one that continues as we usher in a new era of application portability and revolutionize distributed applications. I am exceptionally proud of all this team has accomplished, and thrilled to be a part of a company that empowers the developer community to such a degree," said Dan Scholnick, Docker board member and general partner at Trinity Ventures.

It didn't take long for the Docker project to quickly gain momentum. So far, people have downloaded the Docker's open-source software at a whopping 21 million times which is an increase of 3 million compared to what it has achieved in June. The code-repository website known as GitHub showed the Docker project has earned more stars compared to the 27 other projects.

Docker is becoming more and more noticeable among companies. VMware, a type of company that pushes the virtual machine, recently announced that it is working with Docker. Other companies that have shown support for the Docker containerization include Amazon Web Services, IBM, Red Hat, Google and Microsoft. In the meantime, companies such as Tutum, CoreOS and CenturyLink have been actively building around the Docker container ecosystem.

The start-up company, which has its headquarters based in San Francisco, currently employs 55 and hopes to hit around 80 towards the end of the year. The earned funding of $40 million will be used to help Docker build on its open-source project and foster the development of product monitoring and management which the company and its partners can sell to other companies, both huge and small.

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