Following the success of "Guardians of the Galaxy," it seems that Marvel Studios can do no wrong. Everyone expected that a sci-fi/action/comedy featuring a talking raccoon would be doomed to fail (and honestly, who can blame them?), and yet, the film went on to be the biggest hit of the summer.

Now that Marvel Studios has proven that it can take something so incredibly strange and have it work for audiences, that means the possibilities for future films are almost endless. "Doctor Strange" definitely falls into the weirder side of the Marvel Universe, but that hasn't stopped Marvel from giving the Doctor's movie the go-ahead.

That being said, "Doctor Strange" may be the most troubled production Marvel has ever seen. Originally, the "Doctor Strange" film was commissioned in 1986, with Bob Gale (of "Back to the Future" fame) writing the script. For the next few decades, the film was bounced back and forth between teams, with several different directors and writers joining the project, only to leave months later. At one point, even Guillmero del Toro and Neil Gaiman were attached to the film.

Finally, Marvel Studios hired screenwriters Josh Oppenheimer and Thomas Donnelly to pen the script. Several lead actors were rumored to be attached as well, including Patrick Dempsey, Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch, though no one was ever confirmed as signing for the role. For the next few years, Marvel assured the public that the film was being worked on, but no real news emerged.

So, where does that leave the production now?

As of June 2014, Scott Derrickson ("Deliver Us From Evil") was chosen to direct the project, with John Spaihts joining Oppenheimer and Donnelly to finish working on the script. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige also confirmed that the filming would begin in Barcelona in the spring of 2015. In July, rumors began to spread that Joaquin Phoenix would be playing the role of the Doctor, but as with Hardy and Cumberbatch, no confirmation was ever given. Lastly, it's been confirmed that shooting will take place (at least partially) at the Pinewood Studios in the U.K. This is the same studio that "Ant-Man" is currently shooting in, and "Bond 24" is set to film there in late 2015.

With a July 8, 2016 release date, "Doctor Strange" falls in line with Marvel's current timeline. The studio plans on releasing one new story and one sequel every year, with "Doctor Strange" sharing 2016 with "Captain America 3." Though, considering how many unannounced projects are rumored to be circulating through Marvel, it is possible that "Doctor Strange" won't be the only new series to be released in 2016.

It's been a long, long road for "Doctor Strange" but with screenwriters, a director, and shooting dates finally confirmed, it seems that the film is finally ready to go. "Doctor Strange" will debut on July 8, 2016.

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