Activision Blizzard is looking into using Facebook Live as a platform to promote eSports, giving professional gamers more opportunities to steal the limelight.

The company already has a wide range of competitive games that it hosts, including but not limited to StarCraft and Call of Duty. At this point, it's worth mentioning that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive title of choice at the Major Championship garnered 71 million on-demand and live views.

Needless to say, it seems that Activision Blizzard wants to increase that number and improve the appeal of eSports to more people, and Facebook Live has all the right stuff to do that.

"We have already seen tremendous growth in audience reach. Especially Facebook's own focus on live video," Mike Sepso, senior vice president and co-founder of the eSport Division at Activision Blizzard, says.

Just like the case with traditional sports, the company won't just focus on the games but on the players themselves as well. In other words, fans can read up on their favorite "e-athletes" and keep tabs on their careers.

On top of that, it will also add in interactive data to (Major League Gaming), making each player's performance and in-game details available to their followers.

To kick things off, Activision Blizzard will hold a two-day tournament for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 starting on June 10, and it's said to mark the beginning of a "deeper collaboration" with Facebook.

According to Sepso, eSports will become on par with physical sports in due time in terms of appeal, noting that it'll happen sooner than they think.

"As we start to tell this story behind players, people will connect with these stories," he says.

What do you think of this development, and do you agree with Sepso's sentiments? Drop by our comments section below and let us know.

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