'Star Trek Online' Set To Boldly Go To Xbox One And PS4: Here's Why Everyone's Excited


Star Trek Online is finally going to land on the Xbox One and the PS4 in a few months' time, hitting the current latest-gen consoles hard. Insert "to boldly go" jokes here.

The Beginning: Content Galore

Back in 2010, the sci-fi MMORPG rolled out to the PC. Now that it's going to get ported to the consoles, it's going to bring along six years' worth of content.

What's In Store

When it goes official, Star Trek Online will offer 130 episodes, and just like in the original PC version, players will choose among three factions — Federation, Klingon or Romulan. On top of that, they can pick one out of 32 available species when customizing their Captain.

As for the places to explore in the universe, they can go to Vulcan or Earth Space Dock, to name a few. To make things better, they'll be able to do so aboard a classic Star Trek spacecraft, and as the crème de la crème, there are hundreds to choose from.

The Improvements

For "upgraded visuals and an enhanced user experience for console," Cryptic Studios implemented "considerable updates" to the engine powering Star Trek Online.

"Our goal is to deliver the same high-quality Star Trek experience to players on these consoles, with some additional upgrades to make the transition to the console space a smooth and natural experience," Stephen Ricossa, executive producer of Star Trek Online, says.

What's more, the developer also added in a "control scheme that allows players to navigate both the space and ground combat with ease," taking lessons from when it launched Neverwinter on the Xbox One.


Star Trek Online is expected to go official on the Xbox One and PS4 sometime in fall.

Oh, and one more thing: It's free to play.

A Closer Look

Hit up the official console announcement trailer below and see what it'll bring to the gaming table.

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