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William Shatner Takes Playful Jab At 'Star Wars' Over 'Starfleet' Symbol Found On Mars

An old rivalry between the 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars' fandom was ignited thanks to a photo captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The photo featured a mark that looks eerily like the symbol of the Starfleet.

Space June 15, 2019

Star Trek's Starfleet Insignia Spotted On Mars Again

What is Star Trek's Starfleet insignia doing on Mars? This is not the first time that the iconic insignia was spotted on the Red Planet.

Space June 14, 2019

Futuristic Plane Equipped With Ion Drive And No Moving Parts Takes Flight In MIT Lab

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has successfully launched a battery-operated prototype that flew quietly without any moving parts. It was heavily inspired by the spacecraft in the film 'Star Trek.'

November 22, 2018

Scientists Find Real-Life Version Of 'Star Trek' Planet Vulcan

Could a real Spock be hiding in a planet 16 light-years away from Earth? A group of scientists has discovered a super-Earth orbiting a star similar to the Sun and where life can spring and thrive.

Space September 19, 2018

Patrick Stewart To Reprise His Iconic Role In New ‘Star Trek’ Series

Captain Jean-Luc Picard is officially coming back. Patrick Stewart has just announced that he’s going to return to one of his most iconic roles in a new ‘Star Trek’ TV series.

Movies/TV Shows August 6, 2018

You Don't Need VR To Play 'Star Trek: Bridge Crew' Anymore

Ubisoft provided a 'Star Trek: Bridge Crew' update that will allow gameplay without VR hardware on the title. The important game patch is released as a free download.

December 25, 2017

Qualcomm And XPRIZE Announces Winners For Star Trek-Inspired Competition, Bringing The Tricorder Closer To Reality

The Star Trek-inspired competition that was five years in the making announces the teams whose efforts bring science fiction’s tricorder to reality. Competitors submit first ever real-life Tricorder prototypes.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 14, 2017

Star Trek, X-Files, And More Set In Alternate Reality: IDW Publishing To Launch 'Deviations' 2017

IDW Publishing presents another batch of what-if scenarios in popular fictional stories with the return of 'Deviations.’ Agent Samantha Mulder comes back in ‘The X-Files.’

Comic Books February 26, 2017

New Star Trek-Like Smart Glasses Give Instant Sight To The Legally Blind

Dubbed as a breakthrough electronic glasses, eSight 3 enables the blind to actually see. As it replicates vision, the device can let the visually impaired carry out virtually all daily activities independently.

Wearable Tech February 16, 2017

Microsoft Patent Hints At A Future Where HoloLens Users Can Track Objects Via AR Technology

A patent application reveals Microsoft's plan to address the current limitations of its HoloLens headgear. The proposed methods could give rise to futuristic technologies such as an eye-tracking platform and a feature that could bring Star Trek's Holodeck closer to reality.

Microsoft December 30, 2016

George Takei Turns Into A Hologram Just Like On 'Star Trek' With Microsoft's HoloLens - Oh My!

Microsoft launches its holographic storytelling app called Actiongram with the help of George Takei, the original 'Star Trek's' 'Mr. Sulu.' Actiongram has a selection of scalable holographic characters that include a unicorn and Abraham Lincoln.

Apps/Software September 14, 2016

William Shatner Tells Trekkies 'Star Wars' Created 'Star Trek,' And He Makes Some Great Points

Captain Kirk himself admits that 'Star Trek' would be nothing without the popularity of 'Star Wars.'

Movies/TV Shows August 8, 2016

Skype Launches New Bots: Plan Your Flight, Book Your Tickets, Connect To Apps And Much More

Microsoft-owned Skype has introduced a series of new chatbots for the communications platform. Among the new bots are products of partnerships with Skyscanner and StubHub, with one even impersonating Spock of 'Star Trek.'

Microsoft August 3, 2016

Netflix August 2016: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Shows Being Added To Instant Streaming

New movies and TV series being added to Netflix in August include the original films ‘The Little Prince’ and 'XOXO,’ as well as the animated series ‘Beat Bugs.’

Movies/TV Shows July 25, 2016

Director For 'Star Trek' Series Has Good Track Record

CBS recently chose a director for the pilot episode of its new 'Star Trek' series: David Semel, who has a proven track record with other shows, which bodes well for the latest 'Trek.'

Movies/TV Shows July 22, 2016

This Twitch Streamer Was Beamed Up Live On Air, 'Star Trek' Style

Twitch streamer Onscreenlol has pulled a stunt that definitely has people talking.

Video Games July 20, 2016

Netflix Gets Exclusive Rights To Stream New CBS ‘Star Trek’ Series Worldwide

Netflix announced its new licensing deal that makes it the exclusive streaming home to CBS All Access’ new ‘Star Trek’ series, as well as past franchise episodes.

Movies/TV Shows July 19, 2016

Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video July 2016: The Complete List Of What’s New To Streaming

New movies and TV series available to stream on the popular platforms in July include ‘Batman v Superman,’ ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Terminator Genisys,’ as well as new seasons of ‘BoJack Horseman’ and ‘Difficult People.’

Movies/TV Shows July 2, 2016

Star Trek's Enterprise Makes Its Way From Smithsonian Basement To Main Atrium

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum is moving the Star Trek Enterprise from its basement gift shop to its central atrium. The starship replica is set to be featured as part of the museum's 40th birthday celebration.

Space June 28, 2016

CBS 'Star Trek' Series Will Embrace Progressiveness

Bryan Fuller confirmed that the new 'Star Trek' series on CBS will embrace social progressiveness and inclusiveness, much like its predecessors. The showrunner also confirmed the number of episodes in the first season.

Movies/TV Shows June 24, 2016

Build-A-Bear's 'Star Trek' Collection Is Highly Logical

Custom teddy bear retailer Build-A-Bear recently unveiled its new 'Star Trek' collection, featuring adorable furry versions of both Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. There's also an anonymous 'Red Shirt' bear.

Geek June 23, 2016

Netflix July 2016: Stream These Movies And TV Shows Before They Leave The Platform

Netflix subscribers should make sure to stream titles like ‘Star Trek: Generations’ and ‘Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby’ before they leave the platform in July.

Movies/TV Shows June 22, 2016

Amazon Video And Prime Video July 2016: The Complete List Of New Movies And TV Series Available To Stream

New movies and TV series streaming in July on Prime Video and Amazon Video include ‘Kill Bill Vol.1,’ the complete ‘Star Trek’ collection and the season finale of ‘Outlander,’ as well as ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Mr. Robot.’

Movies/TV Shows June 21, 2016

'Star Trek' Actor Anton Yelchin Dies In A Car Accident At 27

'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin, known for his portrayal of Chekov in the rebooted films, died in a freak car accident last Sunday morning. The actor was found dead outside of his home in Los Angeles.

Celebrities June 20, 2016

E3 2016: 'Star Trek: Bridge Crew' Is The VR Game You've Been Waiting For

If you're a fan of 'Star Trek,' chances are you've wanted to slip into the Captain's Chair at one time or another. Well, as it turns out, Ubisoft's got you covered.

Video Games June 13, 2016

Mattel Releases Special 50th Anniversary 'Star Trek' Barbie Dolls

Mattel announced the release of three new special edition Barbie dolls to honor the 'Star Trek' 50th anniversary. The dolls will include the Enterprise's Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Uhura.

June 6, 2016

'Star Trek Beyond' Character Posters Reveal New Look At Crew And Alien Adversary

Chris Pine stands confident as Captain Kirk in new posters for 'Beyond.' Kirk leads the crew of the Starship Enterprise on their newest adventure on strange planets and a powerful new foe: Krall.

Movies/TV Shows June 1, 2016

'Star Trek Online' Set To Boldly Go To Xbox One And PS4: Here's Why Everyone's Excited

'Star Trek Online' is about to boldly go to the Xbox One and PS4, and it's coming in with a ton of content and improvements from the PC version.

Video Games May 14, 2016

Will CBS' New 'Star Trek' Series Take Place Before 'The Next Generation?'

New rumors suggest that the next 'Star Trek' television series will take place between the original series and 'The Next Generation.' This also means that the new series will share continuity with its TV predecessors.

Movies/TV Shows April 14, 2016

Boldly Go Anywhere With MAC Cosmetics Recently Announced 'Star Trek' Beauty Collection

MAC Cosmetics collaborates with 'Star Trek' for a 25 piece cosmetics line in celebration of the science fiction series' 50th Anniversary. Find out more about the facial products due out on September 1.

Internet Culture March 30, 2016

You Can Now Experience Star Trek's Holodeck Via SteamVR

The 'Star Trek' franchise envisioned a virtual reality room named the Holodeck. With the HTC Vive and a custom background, users can now experience the Holodeck on SteamVR.

Computers March 27, 2016

CBS' 'Star Trek' TV Show Can't Air Until Six Months After 'Star Trek Beyond'

It looks like the beef between Paramount and CBS over the rights to the Star Trek franchise isn't quite over - and it's all thanks to marketing.

Movies/TV Shows March 10, 2016

It's OK To Get Excited About The New 'Star Trek' Series

'Star Trek' fans are a skeptical group, especially when it comes to creating new franchises in that universe. But don't worry, Trekkers! Here's why it's OK to look forward to the CBS 'Trek' series.

Movies/TV Shows March 9, 2016

Warp Drive, Mr. Sulu: NASA Designs Spaceship Inspired By 'Star Trek'

Inspired by the warp drive of the Enterprise on 'Star Trek,' engineers at NASA have designed a spaceship capable of traveling faster than the speed of light, aka warp speed.

Movies/TV Shows March 7, 2016

German Scientists Successfully Teleport Classical Information Using Laser Beams

'Star Trek' showed a lot of technology that was deemed impossible decades ago. Today, a lot of what they have shown is used in the real world - a team of scientists even tried making teleportation possible.

Energy March 7, 2016

Roddenberry Entertainment Joins New CBS 'Star Trek' TV Series

Good news, 'Star Trek' fans - Rod Roddenberry, son of series creator Gene Roddenberry, has just joined CBS' upcoming 'Star Trek' TV series reboot!

Geek March 3, 2016

This 'Hamilton'/'Star Trek' Mashup Pokes Fun At J.J. Abrams' 2009 Reboot

It can pretty much be guaranteed that after listening to the 'Hamilton' tribute rap, you're not going to want to throw out your Spock, either.

Movies/TV Shows March 1, 2016

New 'Star Trek' Series Just Upped Its Game: 'Wrath Of Khan' Director Joins As Writer-Producer

The new 'Star Trek' series from CBS has just taken on a legend. Writer and director of 'Wrath of Khan,' Nicholas Meyer, has joined the team as a writer and producer.

Movies/TV Shows February 26, 2016

William Shatner Recalls How 'Star Trek' Pal Leonard Nimoy Helped Him After His Wife's Death

William Shatner opened up about his close friendship and eventual falling out with his 'Star Trek' co-star, Leonard Nimoy in his latest memoir. Find out just how big Mr. Spock's impact is in the life of Captain Kirk.

Internet Culture February 23, 2016

How The F-117 Used 'Star Trek' Tech And The Incredible Secrecy Behind The Stealth Jet Program

The F-117 Nighthawk is the stealthiest aircraft in military and aviation history. Find out how those involved in the program were able to keep operations veiled from everyone.

FUTURE TECH February 19, 2016

Star Trek Fans Have A Dating Site To Call Their Own

There is a new and interesting dating app that is related to none other than Star Trek.

Apps/Software February 11, 2016

Gene Roddenberry 'Star Trek' Secrets Decrypted From 200 Floppy Discs After 30 Years

DriveSavers engineers recovered data from 'Star Trek' creator Gene Roddenberry's custom made floppy discs after a year of hard work. The retrieved documents and original notes may be related to the 'Star Trek' series.

Geek February 6, 2016

William Shatner Willing To Come Back To 'Star Trek' As Older Captain Kirk

‘Star Trek’ is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016. William Shatner is on board with the idea of appearing as an older Captain Kirk in the reboot movies, should the opportunity arise.

Movies/TV Shows February 5, 2016

Special 50th Anniversary 'Star Trek' Convention Heading To New York

Break out those Starfleet uniforms because a new special 'Star Trek' convention will land in New York this September to celebrate the science fiction television and movie series' 50th anniversary.

Movies/TV Shows January 26, 2016

The Starship Enterprise Is Coming To A Postage Stamp Near You

The U.S. Postal Office has given us a treat to ring in the New Year: postage stamps that will commemorate the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Internet Culture December 31, 2015

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