What's better than a regular Burger King? Just about anything, but that's beside the point: if, however, you had to go to a Burger King, you might as well pick the one that has a built-in sauna and spa.

You just might have to hop on board a plane to get there. A newly-opened Burger King in Helsinki, Finland (via Mentalfloss) offers customers a full spa experience to go alongside their greasy fast food hamburgers. The sauna can hold up to 15 people, and the building is also equipped with showers, a laundry room and a dressing room. It comes fully stocked with Burger King-themed towels and robes, too, because of course it does. Why would you go to a Burger King sauna in anything else but a Burger King towel? No word yet on whether the King himself is there giving out massages, but we can only hope that the one-time terrifying mascot has been able to find work somewhere.

Better yet, this revolutionary spa and fast food joint hybrid also features a media lounge sporting a PlayStation 4, a 55-inch TV and a fully stocked fridge of sodas and alcoholic beverages. Video games and fast food? What else could a human being need? Also, in case you are wondering, yes, you can eat your Whopper while in the sauna. Just don't drip ketchup everywhere.

So, how much does this burger and spa combo actually cost? Close to $300 in U.S. currency for a three-hour stay, though booking during a Friday or Saturday night does also include entry into a nearby restaurant and nightclub. It seems like a bizarre place to spend $300 and a couple of hours, but hey, at least it's probably relaxing. Probably.

It seems like the fast food restaurants in the rest of the world are way more interesting than their U.S. counterparts. Burger King's new big deal in the States is that it now sells hot dogs. Kentucky Fried Chicken in America now has Nashville hot chicken (whatever that is). You know what KFC in Hong Kong has? Fried chicken-flavored nail polish that comes in two flavors. America sure is boring.

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