Google is now pushing out a new version of its Play Store app, which brings users the option of joining or leaving the beta apps in tow.

The Play Store v6.7 aims to simplify things and make them seamless for users. The idea of this latest version is to make it convenient for the app's users to handle any app beta test for Android, which they may or may not want to join. The updated app also brings in its folds the option for users to give developer feedback directly from the Play Store client.

The major improvement and change which the Play Store v6.7 brings app users' way is undoubtedly the fact that the app listings now give one the choice of either joining or quitting a beta test directly via the app.

Previously, users had to locate the beta test links, which was quite tedious and harrowing. It must be noted that access to beta tests will only be operable if the user is a member of the requisite Google+ community, unless the developer has not made it necessary.

Joining the community takes a couple of minutes from the app (similar to joining via a browser) and the Play Store will alert a user to do so if it is required for the beta testing of an app.

Basically, once users are in the beta test, the Play Store's listing will also notify them whether the app is a beta version or an unreleased/unpublished app version that is private and unavailable to the general public. This is quite handy and will be helpful if things go awry and the app being tested is a non-stable version. The beta status will be on top of the app listing for the Play Store.

Another welcome change is leaving developer feedback for the app that you're beta testing directly on the Play Store store. The message you post will not be visible to everyone. Currently, the layout for the feedback gives the impression that users have left a public review that they cannot espy, which may be a tad confusing.

Even though the Play Store v6.7 began rolling out on May 14, it could take some time before it makes its way to all users. In the meantime, eager users who are unable to wait can download the latest version from APK Mirror.

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