Motorola Mobility which has been riding high on the success of its Moto G smartphone and Moto 360 smartwatch is set to face a setback as its SVP of Product Management Punit Soni announces he will leave the company.

On Wednesday, Sept. 17, Soni announced his departure from Motorola via a Google+ post, but did not reveal till when he will serve the company.

"Today I am announcing my departure from Motorola after a couple of amazing years in the best job I have ever had," wrote Soni in a Google+ post.

Soni joined Motorola as VP of Product Development after Google's acquisition of the company in 2011. He is lauded for breathing a new lease of life into Motorola with the launch of innovative features like Touchless Control, Quick Capture etc. for the Moto X, which became quite a sensation in the smartphone market.

Soni reminisced about his journey with Motorola and the "sense of awe" he felt when he joined the company which was the pioneer of cellphones. Soni also spoke about the hard work put by the team and the evolution of Motorola and the revamping of its software. He spoke about career highlights like the launch of the Moto X, Moto G and the Moto E.

The Moto G launch in Brazil, Soni revealed was his "favorite moment" moment when he was on stage speaking to the audience about the "product that we fervently believed in."  He also thanked several people like Vic Gindotra and Dennis Woodside who assisted him in his journey.

Soni, however, did not reveal his reasons for quitting Motorola. Speculation is rife that Soni is leaving Motorola as it has been acquired by Lenovo. Earlier in Jan. 2014, Google had announced that it was selling Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion as it would be "better served" by the latter.

It is also conjectured that Soni may be moving back to Google. He, however, did not divulge where his next stint would be.

While Soni believes that Motorola is "firmly on the path of regaining its place as one of the most relevant companies of the mobile era" it remains to be seen if the company can sustain the current momentum.

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