A great deal on the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available. The phablet, which just received its Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, is on sale for $279.99 while supplies last.

While Apple has just introduced its first stylus, the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro, Samsung has been offering its own take on the enhanced stylus since 2011, when it unveiled the original Galaxy Note.

Back then, many wrote the device off for being too large, claiming its 5.3-inch display felt gigantic when compared to smaller screen counterparts that could easily be used with one hand.

The Galaxy Note and its "gigantic" (at the time) 5.3-inch display was never designed to appeal to users who wanted a smaller device that could be used with one hand.

While the tech community initially wrote off the Galaxy Note, consumers felt differently and much of the device's appeal from then through today is the inclusion of Samsung's take on the enhanced stylus. The S Pen, unlike the rubber tipped stylus many are familiar with, interacts with software on the device to offer increased functionality and features.

Samsung is expected to launch its next-generation Galaxy Note 6 in August and is reportedly already working on the phablet's firmware. It has been confirmed that the Note 6 will be offered by Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, as model numbers for each variant leaked in April.

When the Galaxy Note 6 goes on sale, expect it to be priced at flagship smartphone status pricing, but those looking to save some money but want the "Note" experience can pick up the unlocked 32 GB Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for $279.99 while supplies last.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 includes two popular features that are hard to find in the latest smartphones today; a removable battery and microSD expansion slot.

 Samsung has already released its Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the Galaxy Note 4, which brings Google's latest version of Android to the phablet and one of its new features allows users to jot down notes quickly without having to turn on the device.

The Galaxy Note 4 packs in a 5.7-inch 2,560 x 1,440 Quad HD display, 16-megapixel rear camera, 3.7-megapixel front-facing shooter, 32 GB of internal storage, microSD slot, and large 3,200 mAh removable battery, which Samsung says will provide up to 20 hours of talk time.

The retailer notes that there are limited quantities left of the unlocked Galaxy Note 4, so if you're interested, head over to eBay and score the 32 GB phablet for $279.99.

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