Apple devices outshone Android machines in terms of performance during the first quarter of this year, according to a new report from Blancco Technology Group.

The report says that in the first quarter, Android devices were prone to high rates of crashing apps, device failures and app cache.

Specifically, Android's failure rate was at 44 percent, higher than the 25 percent failure rates recorded for iDevices.

Device failure rate was highest in Asia, which was at 55 percent. In the meantime, Europe logged 35 percent and North America recorded 27 percent.

Among the Android models that were noted to have the highest failure rates include the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Lenovo K3 Note. Meanwhile, iOS handsets that had the highest failure rates are the iPhone 6 (25 percent) and iPhone 5s (17 percent).

Cached or open apps were detected on 44 percent of Android devices while crashing apps were found on a whopping 74 percent of these devices.

"Our data's value goes far beyond providing a glimpse into device performance issues and trends," says Pat Clawson, Chief Executive Officer of Blancco Technology Group.

Clawson adds that through the company's business intelligence and analytics dashboard, OEMs and mobile network operators can see real boost to their business, including a more effective post-sales customer experience, upsell opportunities, improved foot traffic, reduced customer churn and fewer NTF returns.

So, does this mean that Apple's iOS mobile operating system wins? A report from Business Insider provides a good analysis with regard to Blancco Technology Group's new report.

"As consumers become more dependent on their smartphones to complete everyday activities, device failures such as those reported will become an important factor in which brands consumers choose," reads Business Insider's report.

Moreover, once a particular platform is deemed less reliable as opposed to another one, then there is a possibility developers may create apps targeted for the unfailing platform.

At the moment, Android has notched 1.4 billion active users due to a wide array of selections in today's smartphone consumer market.

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